Glassix Announces Release of Conversational AI Suite

Glassix, developer of the AI-powered unified messaging platform, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Conversational AI Suite. Powered by GPT-4 conversational AI engine from OpenAI, the suite revolutionizes the way businesses interact with customers, enabling them to go live with zero effort and deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

The Conversational AI Suite leverages the power of GPT-4 to automate and enhance a wide range of customer engagements. Businesses can now accelerate time to market by adopting a range of exciting new capabilities. Established brands and high growth ventures can use the Glassix Conversational AI Suite to:

Deploy conversational AI-powered chatbots

By leveraging existing AI models and customizing responses based on unique conversation history, Glassix eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual training. This enables businesses to launch tailor-made smart chatbots quickly and efficiently, enabling effortless deployment of new chatbots capable of autonomous learning and training without human intervention.

Provide suggested replies for human agents

By continuously analysing real-time conversations, the customizable AI model intelligently generates suggested responses, empowering agents to respond quickly and effectively to individual customers. This significantly increases productivity, reduces ticket management, and minimizes new agent training time.

Automate conversation categorization

The Glassix Conversational AI Suite automatically suggests relevant tags based on similar conversation history. This way, accurate and consistent tagging provides a foundation for aggregate conversation analysis that is critical to generation of business insights. This capability allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer expectations, ultimately providing an enhanced customer experience.

Auto-generate conversation summaries

Customer conversations can often include dozens of messages spanning days, causing agents to spend significant time and effort compiling concise conversation summaries. Many organizations do not summarize conversations at all, forcing agents to sift through messages to understand previous customer interactions and required next steps.

Auto-generated conversation summaries eliminate time spent creating and reviewing detailed customer history, as well as updating customer data in real time across multiple platforms (e.g. CRM). This way, any team member can quickly access key points covered during every customer conversation, enabling agents to close customer interactions more effectively.

‍”We are thrilled to introduce our Conversational AI Suite powered by the advanced GPT-4 engine.” said Guy Shalom, CEO of Glassix. “This enables businesses to enhance the customer experience by deploying cutting-edge capabilities in minutes powering highly personalized experiences that increase agent productivity and generate valuable insights from customer conversations.”

The Glassix Conversational AI Suite is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and workflows, ensuring a smooth implementation process for businesses of all sizes. The suite’s continuous training and deployment capabilities enable ongoing customization and fine-tuning of the AI models, ensuring that businesses stay at the forefront of customer experience innovation.

About Glassix

Glassix, developer of the AI-powered unified messaging platform, delivers the tools and technologies businesses need to enhance the digital customer experience. With a focus on conversational AI and chatbot automation, Glassix empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences while improving operational efficiency.