Webio Launches DebtChat a Conversational AI Webchat Solution for Credit and Collections

Webio is a recognised expert in Credit and Collections conversations and has developed its AI and Machine Learning capabilities to have a deep knowledge and understanding of how best to engage and manage conversations with people about debt.

This latest product addition, DebtChat, is a webchat solution that has the power to automate, understand, and respond to all types of debt-related conversations, blending automation with agents when needed and identifying conversation outcomes, for example, identifying possible vulnerable customers from their message interactions.

DebtChat is set to transform the customer journey by offering a smooth, highly specialised communication channel, harnessing the expertise of Webio’s conversational AI. Designed with a custom-trained language model, DebtChat understands and responds to the diverse requests of credit and collections customers, elevating customer engagement to the next level.

Webio’s Conversational AI DebtChat sets a new standard for digital debt collection services, surpassing other industries’ utilisation of webchat and digital assistants to elevate and propel their digital journey transformation. Primed to handle collections conversations, DebtChat offers a “quick engage-quick answer” experience, wrapping up conversations swiftly and smoothly and transitioning to live agents to handle more complex conversations if necessary.

Cormac O’Neill, CEO of Webio, said: “Conversational solutions like ChatGPT have highlighted the potential of conversational interactions, and we’re excited to provide a solution that takes customer engagement to unprecedented heights. We have made substantial investments in our data strategy and accumulated extensive expertise, enabling us to refine our AI technology and tailor it to industry requirements. DebtChat is evidence of our dedication to driving innovation in credit and collections.”

Demonstrating Webio’s commitment to addressing the unique requirements of credit and collections professionals, the features and automation capabilities of DebtChat make it a valuable tool for businesses in the credit and collections industry, empowering them to add another layer to their contact strategy and improve customer interactions, optimise debt recovery processes, and ultimately achieve better financial outcomes.

DebtChat seamlessly integrates with Webio’s recently launched Conversational Self-Service offering, Self-Service Studio, which enables companies to establish a comprehensive self-service customer portal that marries self-service and conversational engagement.

As businesses embrace digital transformation, Webio believes both customers and employees will utilise intelligent conversational assistants to complete tasks, whether on their mobile, the web, in applications, or through messaging, and will launch a stream of new features and products over the coming months to meet this demand.

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