Tidio launches Lyro: The first conversational AI chatbot for SMBs

Tidio announced the launch of Lyro, the first conversational AI chatbot built for small and medium businesses. Representing the new step in customer service automation, Lyro stands out among other chatbot solutions on the market.

It’s accurate, conversational, and focuses on hyper-personalized customer support like a human agent would, but without hiring costs.

“Lyro is an AI chatbot powered by Claude, a next-generation AI assistant developed by Anthropic. This is a Google-backed company that focuses on training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems. Also, it’s one of the most secure AI algorithms available that uses deep learning techniques to understand and predict new content. Thanks to combining Claude with our own models we have been working on for the past years, Lyro doesn’t allow for “AI hallucinations” that often plague other chatbots on the market. Moreover, it always stays within your knowledge base,” Tidio emphasizes.

According to Gartner’s 2019 Customer Service and Support Leader poll, live chat costs businesses an average of $8.01 per contact. As Lyro can handle up to 70% of customer service conversations, it provides an opportunity for significant savings in operating costs.

Here are some of the other Lyro advantages:

  • Improving customer service experience using human-like conversations
  • Transforming help centre pages into conversational chatbots
  • Lyro is the only conversational AI chatbot with a free version—users on all Tidio plans will get 50 Lyro conversations for free
  • Learning from previous and ongoing communication with customers and personalizing their experiences
  • Understanding context and asking customers questions to make sure they’re happy with the info they get
  • It’s easy to implement and doesn’t require training—you can activate it with one click to answer customer questions

Lyro is the only conversational AI bot with a free version on the market and starting from July 12, all new and existing Tidio accounts will have 50 Lyro conversations at no cost. Businesses looking to automate more conversations will be able to do it via the premium Tidio+ plan.

For more information on Lyro and other AI chatbots, visit https://www.tidio.com/lyro.

About Tidio: Tidio is an AI-powered customer service platform best known for its live chat, chatbots, helpdesk products, and now, conversational AI. The company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions in AI customer service automation and help small and medium businesses deliver frictionless customer experiences. In 2022, Tidio secured a series B funding of $25 million. It’s used by 300K businesses, including the likes of Mercedes, Shell, ADT, and Praktiker.