Alvaria Sets a New Standard as the Global Leader in Workforce Management

Alvaria is revolutionising the industry once again by announcing the general availability of Alvaria Workforce™ Cloud Data Access for Alvaria Workforce Cloud customers.

With a visionary approach and commitment to driving excellence, this transformative solution empowers organisations to take complete control of their workforce data analytics, enabling unparalleled insights, optimisation, and strategic decision-making.

“We are thrilled to unveil this transformative technological advancement,” expressed Darryl Kelly, Chief Strategy Officer of Alvaria. “The introduction of data access represents a pivotal milestone in our product portfolio, empowering our esteemed customers to elevate their engagement levels and amplify service scalability without the need for additional manpower. Moreover, this frictionless approach to data unlocks unprecedented flexibility and enhanced employee engagement, embodying the core principles of Alvaria’s strategic vision.”

Alvaria understands the pivotal role of data access capabilities when customers make the transition from on-premises/hosted environments to the cloud. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Alvaria has identified and addressed the challenges associated with limited cloud data analytics and data update delays. As a result, Alvaria is delighted to announce the introduction of a groundbreaking feature that ensures seamless continuity for cloud customers, providing them with an equivalent level of data access as experienced in on-premises/hosted settings.

Alvaria Workforce Cloud Data Access offers customers direct access to every data element their Alvaria Workforce Cloud system captures. In addition to standard reports, customers can now define specific KPI data elements to have more personalised applications and processes, optimise labour costs, manage capacity more effectively, and improve overall call centre service.

Alvaria Workforce Cloud Data Access integration is completely tailored to each customer via cloud-neutral, industry-standard connectors and supports cloud orchestration and visualisation tools. When coupled with other third-party products, workforce data provides powerful hybrid metrics that contextualise activity with outcomes.

Committed to ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud, exceeding customer expectations, and enabling the ability to unleash the full potential of workforce data, Alvaria Workforce Cloud Data Access is a significant step toward that objective.

About Alvaria

Alvaria helps organisations efficiently manage and engage the modern workforce and connect compliantly with customers and prospects. Our open, innovative multi-platform is purpose built for two core competencies; a feature-rich, intuitive, and intelligent workforce engagement management platform, and a multichannel proactive compliant outreach platform. Alvaria, the product of the merger of world leaders – Aspect Software and Noble Systems – is proudly celebrating 50 years in business reshaping customer and employee experience.

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