Unbabel Launches Next-Generation Language Operations Platform, Offering The First Holistic Approach to Multilingual Communication and Translation

Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale, announced the release of its new LangOps Platform, designed to offer a holistic approach to multilingual content and communication and provide organizations with transparency and control over every aspect of language across their business.

With their next generation platform, Unbabel customers will be able to calibrate machine translation to meet their specific goals for communications and content, supported by visibility into ROI performance and ultimately resulting in increased translation speed and reduced cost.

With the demand for enterprise translation rapidly growing, and the industry experiencing more than $5 billion in growth over the previous two years –business managers have become daunted by the endless need for content translation and frustrated by the lack of scalable, user-friendly solutions. Now, with Unbabel’s new LangOps Platform, customers can control the exact level of quality, speed and price of translation leading to unmatched visibility. With the addition of Unbabel’s one-of-its-kind Quality Estimation tool, artificial intelligence determines what translations need to be automated, and what needs human refinement in order to meet customers’ quality goals, leading to new levels of cost efficiency.

“Unbabel always strives to create the most accurate, efficient translation experience possible to truly eliminate language barriers and help our customers reach new audiences,” said Vasco Pedro, Co-founder and CEO of Unbabel. “Up until now, businesses haven’t been able to fully take advantage of AI in translation but our new platform is making the benefits of AI more accessible than ever. With these advancements in our LangOps Platform, customers can now experience the power of machine translation with confidence and at scale.”

In addition to cost savings and improved translation quality, Unbabel’s LangOps Platform will offer easy to manage and control translation workflows, and deep visibility into translation usage and quality; allowing customers to monitor and drive strategic business outcomes. Additional platform features and benefits include:

  • Quality Estimation (QE): QE predicts machine translation quality and automates high quality machine translations while intelligently triaging content that needs human review
  • Pipeline Manager: Users are able to create, review, and manage translation pipelines with clarity for speed, quality, and cost.
  • Quality & Usage Reporting: While quality reporting provides visibility into the quality scores of all translations, usage report offers in-depth visibility into consumption across time, content type, language pairs and integrations.
  • LangOps-as-a-Service: With LangOps-as-a-service, customers can experience expert linguistic support, in order to optimize translations and meet business goals.

To learn more about Unbabel’s new LangOps Platform and book a demo, visit https://unbabel.com/langops_platform/.

About Unbabel

Unbabel eliminates language barriers so that businesses can thrive across cultures and geographies. The company’s Language Operations platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with humans in the loop, for fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel helps enterprises grow into new global markets and builds customer trust by creating more consistent, high-quality multilingual customer experiences across marketing and customer service. Based in San Francisco, CA, Unbabel works with leading brands such as Booking.com, Nestle, Panasonic, Patagonia, and UPS, to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak.

Visit https://unbabel.com