Xiao-I Secures Contract for AI Contact Center Project with Leading Chinese Aviation Group

Xiao-I Corporation, a leading cognitive AI enterprise in China, announced that it has secured a contract for an intelligent contact centre project with a leading Chinese aviation group.

This partnership aims to enhance the aviation group’s service provision capabilities and drive its digital transformation.

This contract encompasses a wide range of intelligent products including an interactive voice response (“IVR”), corporate knowledge base, AI assistant, and an online customer service as well as intelligent robots and quality inspections. By utilizing Xiao-I’s AI platform, the aviation group will maximize the deployment of AI capabilities across different scenarios, all of which will significantly reduce hardware resource occupancy and streamline system maintenance.

Xiao-I has established a sophisticated project team to help this client gain improved efficiency, enhanced service quality, and a distinct competitive edge in the industry.

“Our journey at Xiao-I is marked by ongoing innovations, in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, and extensive project implementation experience. All of these are crucial elements for our winning customer trust amidst fierce competition,” Mr. Hui Yuan, Chairman and CEO of Xiao-I, said. “We are committed to harnessing cognitive intelligence based on our robust natural language processing capabilities to foster intelligent digital upgrades across industries and setting new benchmarks in AI-powered solutions.”

About Xiao-I Corporation

Xiao-I Corporation is a leading cognitive intelligence enterprise in China that offers a diverse range of business solutions and services in artificial intelligence, covering natural language processing, voice and image recognition, machine learning and affective computing.

Since its inception in 2001, the Company has developed an extensive portfolio of cognitive intelligence technologies that are highly suitable and have been applied to a wide variety of business cases. Xiao-I powers its cognitive intelligence products and services with its cutting-edge, proprietary AI technologies to enable and promote industrial digitization, intelligent upgrading, and transformation.

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