Satisfi Labs Launches First Generative AI Chat Solution for Live Events with AXS

Satisfi Labs, a leading provider of conversational AI solutions, ushered in a new era of live event customer service with AXS, a global leader in ticketing for live entertainment, giving fans access to more accurate and timely information than ever as they prepare to attend an event.

Everyday questions like, “How do I transfer my tickets?” or “Can I sell my tickets?” are now immediately answered through the generative AI enhanced chat feature allowing the AXS Contact Center human representatives to spend quality time solving more complex situations fans may encounter. AXS deployed the AI chatbot in their North America, Europe, and Australia markets, to elevate customer service offerings on major buying platforms – and the AXS App, powered by Satisfi’s patent pending Context Large Language Model (LLM) Response System. AXS saw immediate reduction of customer service wait times and increased satisfaction since implementing the system.

“Quickly resolving inquiries, particularly during major event on-sales, is critical to the overall fan experience. For three years, Satisfi Labs has helped us quickly and easily service our customers and address their inquiries.” said Tom Andrus, Chief Operating Officer for AXS. “We look forward to continuing our integration and improving together as we deliver the best customer experience in the industry.”

AXS is pioneering the use of LLMs for customer satisfaction and efficiency in ticketing commerce with the use of Satisfi Labs’ technology leading to the chat experience leverages enhanced intent routing, automated answer generation, intent reporting, and language capabilities, which will soon be used to engage AXS customers. This technological leap empowers brands to take command of their answers, combining generative AI efficiencies with meticulous control to ensure consistently on-brand and compliant responses.

“We are incredibly proud to support AXS in their mission to improve the customer experience,” said Don White, CEO of Satisfi Labs. “Ticket service providers like AXS are embracing the current moment and the technology that will allow them to take the customer experience to new heights, understanding the positive impact that it has on both the customer and the provider. We look forward to continuing this partnership and seeing what we can accomplish together.”

About Satisfi Labs

Satisfi Labs is the most trusted AI platform for sports, entertainment, and tourism. Their AI Chat product helps brands have automated, consistent, and on-brand conversations with customers. The platform continuously learns from the community to create a data-rich experience that can answer questions, execute transactions, and collect unique data. By combining Satisfi’s AI Chat and Live Chat, brands can maximize marketing, save staff time, and increase revenue. Satisfi Labs has received major investments from Google, Major League Baseball, Techstars, and Florida Funders.

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About AXS

AXS is a global ticketing platform, offering best-in-class ticketing, marketing, and data technology in a single platform to suit every client size and type, from the most intimate music clubs to world championship sporting events. AXS is the ticketing partner for over 500 premier venues, sports teams, and event organizers across North America, Europe, Asia & Australia including First Avenue, USGA, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Arena, Coachella, Stagecoach, The O2, and BLeague in Japan. AXS powers both primary and resale marketplaces, leveraging integrated technology and analytics to enable our partners to sell the right ticket to the right fan at the right price.

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