Drift Defines Future of Conversational Marketing with New AI-Powered Innovations

Drift, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, announced an evolution of its buyer engagement platform, introducing three new products – Drift Engage, Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots.

These additions are a result of the company’s continued innovation and investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and signals a new future for B2B marketing; a future where brands can deliver curated, personalized experiences to every unique buyer in real-time.

“We believe buyers should have consumer-like control of their experience at every stage of their journey. Brands need to anticipate buyer needs and then deliver easy, personalized experiences to build trust and enduring relationships,” said Matt Tippets, SVP of Product at Drift. “AI makes this possible at scale and when done right, can make buyer journeys feel more human. Today’s announcements were informed by the voice of our customers and influenced by leading market trends. We are introducing entirely new ways to create engaging customer experiences, one conversation at a time.”

According to the 2023 State of AI in Marketing Report, 64% of marketers say AI is either very or critically important to their success in the next 12 months yet more than half (54%) of marketers report they are still learning AI and how to unlock its potential. As an early innovator in AI for marketing, Drift has a proven track record of helping brands deliver the right experience at every touchpoint of the buyer journey and is uniquely positioned to help lead the market through this next frontier.

“Drift is disrupting the category they created and now, they’re helping transform the future of marketing with artificial intelligence,” said Matt Mullin, Sr. Director of Global Marketing Operations and Campaign Strategy at Tenable. “Drift has been really efficient in helping us grow pipeline since day one, and is now helping us future-proof our business with the new products and updates they’re delivering.”

“We’ve seen positive impact across all stages of the buyer’s journey from Drift. A big part of that success is owed to meaningful personalization, especially in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Steve Measelle, VP of Marketing Global Performance and Strategy at SAP Concur. “We’ve improved website conversion and sourced incremental leads and opportunities. We’ve accelerated the sales process, in some cases, to a near B2C pace. Drift has achieved most-loved status across our entire martech stack.”

When Drift was founded and created the category of Conversational Marketing in 2015, only a small percentage of the journey could be personalized and chatbots were a best-in-class solution to reduce friction in the B2B buying process. As Drift continues to expand its footprint with proprietary AI, generative AI, deep integrations and enhanced conversational data, the company will continue its progress toward curating the entire customer experience. Today’s announcements are a significant milestone in delivering on this product vision.

Site Concierge

Site Concierge is a dedicated space on businesses’ websites that creates multi-faceted digital experiences unique to each site visitor to drive engagement, conversions and pipeline. By leveraging AI to garner a holistic understanding of who the site visitor is, what they care about, and where they are in their buying journey, Site Concierge moves beyond the chatbot, allowing site visitors to find the answers and tools they need when they need them. A collection of apps that will include a Meeting Scheduler, Content Recommendations, GPT search and more, Site Concierge customizes its recommendations, calls to action and playbook pathways to best serve each unique site visitor. The apps persist through their entire site experience – remembering who they are and what they care about – as an always-on, always available toolkit for buyers. This gives website visitors the personalized, always-on omnichannel experiences they expect, which in turn, generates quality pipeline for marketing teams.

Bionic Chatbots

Traditional chatbots served us well for many years but they can no longer keep pace with buyer expectations and sophistication. Rigid decision trees, inflexible journeys, time-consuming maintenance and security concerns have prompted new demand and new opportunities to engage buyers in more meaningful ways. Drift’s Bionic Chatbots leverage generative AI to understand the business’ own content – specifically and securely trained for each customer – to deliver more accurate and efficient conversations with less maintenance and management required from marketers. Bionic Chatbots will automatically sense sales intent and lead qualification to drive business results. This blending of demand generation processes and GPT conversations channels the power of generative AI to benefit buyers and brands.

Drift Engage

The majority of website traffic is labelled as anonymous, leaving companies to fly blind trying to generate pipeline from their website visitors. Drift Engage, powered by Lift AI, is the only solution that can automatically score the real-time intent of every website visitor and deliver a personalized experience based on that data, even if those visitors are 100% anonymous.

The platform uses machine learning (ML) to power segmentation and targeting for all playbooks, allowing brands to provide the right experiences for every site visitor and convert more high-intent website visitors into loyal customers. Features of Drift Engage include real-time intent scoring, real-time playbook targeting, CRM sync and audiences summary data. Learn more from today’s partnership announcement here.

Drift will deliver a virtual keynote at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT today to elaborate on the company’s vision for the future and to demo the product announced, and the benefits for current and prospective Drift customers. Register and attend here: drift.com/keynote.

About Drift

Drift®, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, inspires businesses to create more engaging customer experiences, one conversation at a time. Drift helps thousands of customers across the globe translate conversational data and buyer behavior into deeper relationships, more pipeline and more revenue. A pioneer in Conversational Marketing, the company was founded in 2015 to help remove friction from the B2B buying process. As buyer expectations continue to increase and AI becomes central to empowering meaningful customer journeys at scale, Drift is disrupting the category it created. Its human-centric, AI-powered platform listens, understands and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations at every touchpoint. Drift is creating a world where AI works for humans to turn conversations into relationships.

For more information, visit www.drift.com