Invoca Launches Game-Changing Conversation Intelligence AI Innovations

Invoca, a recognized leader in Conversation Intelligence AI for marketing and sales, announced enhancements to its award-winning Signal AI suite, and introduced Signal AI Studio, a transformative new solution that empowers businesses to quickly create custom AI models that automatically unlock breakthrough insights from phone conversations.

For businesses that acquire customers, members, or patients over the phone, Invoca AI enables digital marketing and contact centre teams to collaborate in driving revenue growth. Additionally, Invoca introduced Topic Explorer and GPT Call Analysis as part of Invoca Labs, along with several other AI innovations.

“Businesses are getting inundated with claims of AI’s vast promise, but few solutions have made a meaningful difference in helping companies grow revenue,” said Nathan Ziv, senior vice president of product at Invoca. “With Signal AI, you don’t need to be a data scientist to unlock the power of AI. Now, any user can drive revenue by unlocking breakthrough insights from the buying journey, especially the ‘moment of truth’ where consumers make critical purchase decisions. AI models custom-trained for your business deliver the most accurate insights, and now with Signal AI Studio, marketing and contact centre teams can create them faster than ever.”

‍Introducing Signal AI Studio: The fastest path to creating custom AI models

With Signal AI Studio, businesses can train custom AI models to detect meaningful insights from every customer conversation. Revenue teams can optimize marketing spend and agent performance by surfacing previously unknown insights to:

  • Automatically capture insights from phone conversations at scale: Signal AI Studio makes it easy for anyone to quickly understand caller intent and product or service interest, the conversation outcome, topics discussed, and the performance of the agent on the call. Invoca AI models are trained on each business’s actual calls, making them extremely accurate.
  • Easily create custom AI models by typing in an insight: With a new no-code UI, creating a custom AI model with Signal AI Studio is fast and easy. The user simply types the insight they want to detect, such as if an agent is receiving a high value service call, if they booked an appointment, or if the agent gave a proper greeting. Signal AI Studio then shows specific moments from relevant calls to review and, with a few clicks, creates an algorithm to classify similar conversations in the future. Signal AI Studio then automatically transcribes examples from previous calls it believes fits that insight, and the user confirms if the AI’s suggestion is correct.
  • Automate follow-up actions using industry-leading integrations: Invoca makes it easy to drive the right actions from AI data through industry-leading Invoca Exchange integrations — including Google, Facebook, Adobe, and Salesforce — smart alerts, quality assurance scorecards, and customizable reporting.

Invoca also announced several key updates to its Signal AI suite to help enterprise brands use AI to turn conversations into insights. New enhancements empower users to:

  • Automatically capture valuable data to improve campaign reporting and audience retargeting: Signal AI Autocapture uses AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) to extract meaningful first-party data from conversations to enrich the customer profile. For example, when a consumer calls an automotive dealer while shopping for a new car, Signal AI Autocapture extracts from that conversation a structured set of data about the year, make, and model of the vehicle in which the caller expresses interest. This data can be used to improve campaign reporting, audience retargeting, and lead follow-up efforts.
  • Turn call recordings into best-in-class transcripts: Invoca’s new transcription engine, powered by generative AI LLMs trained on over 700,000 hours of audio data, turns call recordings into text with superior accuracy and an exceptionally low word error rate.
  • Track caller and agent sentiment separately throughout the call: Unlike speech analytics solutions that only track overall call sentiment, Invoca uses fine-tuned neural network models to categorize caller and agent sentiment separately, including how it changes throughout the call. Contact center managers can see how effectively each agent turns a caller’s negative sentiment into a positive resolution, or vice versa, and coach agents accordingly.

Many of the world’s leading consumer brands rely on Invoca’s Signal AI to improve digital marketing ROI, customer experiences, and call conversion rates:

“We are a luxury brand, and many of our guests book reservations by calling our properties and speaking to an associate,” said Sara Beresfod, director of global media at Four Season Hotels and Resorts. “Invoca’s Signal AI enables us to measure how many room requests and reservation calls we generate from our search and digital marketing. With Invoca, we have the call value data we need to increase our return on ad spend and prove the full value of each marketing channel to our properties.”

Invoca also launched two new early-stage Invoca Labs features for customers to test drive and provide feedback. New features give users access to GPT-powered insights and analysis using experimental AI to:

  • Visually uncover new insights from thousands of calls at once using Topic Explorer: Reveal themes and topic trends across thousands of calls using GPT-powered call summaries. Teams can benefit from new insights about customers, call experiences, agent performance, and marketing campaigns to improve CX and increase ROI.
  • Get concise summaries of every call into your business: Powered by generative AI, GPT Call Analysis enables teams to understand the essence of a lengthy call in three to four sentences, rather than spending 15 minutes listening to a call recording. Managers can also use pre-defined prompts to spot common problems, and thus spend more time on value-added coaching instead of manually sifting through call data. Invoca backs all AI products with its enterprise-grade reliability, security, redaction, and compliance to keep customer data safe and protect consumer privacy.

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Invoca is the recognized leader in conversation intelligence AI that enables marketing, e-commerce, and contact centre teams to drive efficient and profitable revenue growth by unlocking actionable insights from customer conversations. Through deep integrations with leading technology platforms, teams can turn conversation data into automated action to enhance every digital touchpoint and human interaction, leading to better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue. With Invoca, top consumer brands, including AutoNation, DIRECTV, Mayo Clinic, Mutual of Omaha, and Verizon, experience unbelievable results powered by undeniable data. Invoca has raised $184M from leading venture capitalists, including Upfront Ventures, Accel, Silver Lake Waterman, H.I.G. Growth Partners, and Salesforce Ventures.

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