Analyst Firm Estimates Twilio as a Leading Cloud Contact Centre Provider

Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform company, was estimated as the 2nd largest cloud-based contact centre infrastructure vendor based on number of customers, and the 3rd largest based on seats in DMG’s 2017 – 2018 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report. This report features 12 leading and contending cloud-based contact centre infrastructure vendors.

“The emergence of a new category of platform providers who are offering an open API framework has the potential to be a game-changer for the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market,” said Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting. “Because API-based platforms are customizable, they are attracting the attention of companies that want to build their own solutions. As companies undergo digital transformation, these platforms may help them with their efforts.”

As part of this report, DMG surveyed customers on their satisfaction with the company, product, ease of use, price, and more. Twilio earned the top rank from their customers in six product satisfaction categories, including perfect scores for multi-skill routing and queuing features, IVR features and functionality, outbound dialing features and functionality, blended (inbound/outbound) capabilities, system security, and system scalability. Twilio also achieved a perfect score for ease of doing business with the vendor.

“Large enterprises choose Twilio’s platform because it is the only contact center solution that is designed to be customized at every level,” said Al Cook, head of contact center business at Twilio. “With Twilio’s building blocks, customers have access to all the communications capabilities they need to build a truly customized experience for their customers, without needing to invest millions in legacy premise-based solutions. ”

DMG’s Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report explores market dynamics, the competitive landscape, products, and trends and challenges that are driving investments, innovation and the continued growth and adoption of cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions. The report also addresses market share, projections, adoption rates, benefits, return on investment, pricing, and implementation best practices and is intended to help contact center, IT and enterprise leaders and managers in small, mid-size and large companies select the right solution, functionality and partner to meet their organization’s current and future cloud-based contact center infrastructure needs.