Thunderhead Selected By Uniper to Recharge Engagement Strategy

Thunderhead’s market-leading ONE Engagement Hub has been selected by leading international energy company Uniper. With operations in more than 40 countries and around 12,000 employees, Uniper combines a portfolio of technologically advanced large-scale assets with outstanding technical and commercial expertise to deliver flexible, bespoke energy products and services with agility, precision and speed.

The ONE Engagement Hub will provide a key engagement platform to support Uniper’s business transformation strategy to provide an industry-leading suite of digitally connected products and services, and its commitment to world class energy and engineering innovation, and agile empowerment and innovative business solutions.

Uniper works closely with its customers to tailor energy solutions, and the ability to quickly understand and respond to their needs is fundamental to the brand’s success. With customers and prospects spread across over forty countries, ONE will enable Uniper to respond to customers as they interact with the brand across any touchpoint, maintaining seamless conversations with personalized interactions and relevant information. ONE’s advanced customer journey capabilities will ensure that the end-to-end experience for each customer is optimal, with intelligent in-flight journey orchestration.

“The global energy market is fast moving and competitive, and innovation and customer focus is the key to success. At Uniper we’re always looking at ways to use the latest technology to make the services we provide second to none,” said Pete Davies, Head of Digital Engineering Solutions, Uniper. “With the ONE Engagement Hub we are able to provide the level of service agility and responsiveness that our customers expect, regardless of the nature of the contact or their location. ONE provides an unprecedented level of insight into client journeys and intent, and enables us to take action in real-time, allowing us to create even more value for our clients.”

Jason Hemingway, CMO at Thunderhead said, “Uniper is a leading innovator in the energy sector and has a clear vision and transformation agenda for the digital economy and connected products and services. Customer engagement is the front line of transformation across all industries, B2C and B2B, and the focal point for value creation. Traditional technologies have not been designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer and have created fragmented and siloed experiences for many brands and their customers. Brands that focus on journey orchestration and customer engagement to adopt a new and unified approach across sales, service and marketing will keep pace with customer expectations and remain competitive.

Our ONE technology represents the state-of-the-art in AI-powered real-time omnichannel engagement. We are very proud to be providing the technology to supercharge Uniper’s engagement strategy and we’re looking forward to being part of their continued success.”