Ada Introduces ‘Automation to Agent’ Customer Experience

Ada, the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX) announced the launch of Ada Glass, which provides seamless customer handoff from Ada’s AI-powered chatbot to live chat platform partners including Zendesk, SalesForce, and Nuance.

A new feature of Ada’s ACX platform, Ada Glass enables enterprises to instantly connect customers with live support agents directly within Ada’s chatbot interface.

Ada Glass allows customer service teams to escalate a customer to the most suitable agent, based on their specific needs and interests. Most notably, with Ada Glass, businesses can focus on high-value customers by prioritizing their service issues and connecting them with the most seasoned agents for immediate assistance.

With Ada Glass, when agents are busy, the customer can interact with the chatbot while waiting in a queue for support. After business hours, the customer receives a personalized message to schedule the next available appointment with a live agent.

“After introducing Ada Glass to our existing support experience, we’ve been able to reduce our inquiry volume by 90%,” said Bas Lucieer, ACX and Business Intelligence Engineer at “When an agent is required, we now trust Ada to provide them with a seamless transition from chatbot to human – creating the best of both worlds for both our customers and agents.”

During initial Ada Glass pilot implementations, it delivered unmatched benefits to global businesses:

  • The ‘plug and play’ design allows for fast integration with live chat solutions, without the need for any coding
  • Easily flow between automated and live support means users benefit from Ada’s multilingual self-service as agents enter and exit the chatbot conversation
  • By capturing customer information and context from the chatbot conversation, Ada Glass minimizes the need for repetitive questions or admin-heavy tasks so agents can provide immediate support.

“CX leaders across industries are investing in AI-powered chatbots to improve the customer experience. However, without considering how automation blends with live agent support, the value of the investment is not maximized,” said Mike Murchison, CEO and co-founder of Ada. “The strategic approach we have taken to build Ada Glass with a one-of-a-kind handoff ensures a completely effortless experience for both the agent and the customer.”

About Ada

As the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), Ada personalizes engagement across the customer journey by putting the power of AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. Ada makes it simple for non-technical teams to build an automated, enterprise-class chatbot that saves time, reduces costs, and improves engagement. Headquartered in Toronto, Ada enables clients around the world, like TELUS, UpWork, and AirAsia, to provide their customers with 24/7 personalized support in more than 100 languages.