Avaya and Afiniti Expand AI in the Contact Centre to Provide Unique Behavioral Pairing Capabilities for Outbound Dialing and Digital Notifications

Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, has expanded its integration with Afiniti to improve customer experience and contact centre performance through new capabilities applying behavioral pairing AI to outbound campaigns and digital customer notifications.

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According to recent research on AI in the contact centre, conducted by Vanson Bourne and sponsored by Avaya, 37 percent of organizations are challenged to provide an effective yet tailored approach to customer communications, and 34 percent have difficulty directing customers to the right channel to help them. The expansion of Avaya’s partnership with Afiniti, the world’s leading provider of AI-based behavioral pairing solutions, provides organizations with unique AI and machine learning technology natively integrated in Avaya IX™ Contact Center solutions, providing outbound contact centre capabilities that strengthen customer experience and agent productivity.

The benefits of further integrating Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing™ into Avaya IX Contact Center solutions for outbound customer engagement include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – proactively contact customers regarding service and product needs, remind customers of upcoming appointments, alert customers to possible fraudulent account activity, communicate with customers using their preferred channels and collect customer satisfaction and other input feedback with surveys
  • Increased revenues – improve collections efficiency, schedule appointments and sell, cross-sell, and up-sell more effectively
    Better efficiency and control – automatically throttle campaigns based on inbound queue, control campaign priority and control sensitive and private information
  • Reduced outbound costs and complexity – use automated and agent assisted campaigns from a single campaign management system, reduce and shape inbound traffic to inbound agents and replace costly outsourced campaigns
  • Improved agent performance – complementary Avaya IX Workspaces desktop solutions provides a single, consolidated view for both inbound and outbound interactions

“Building on our integration of Afiniti enterprise behavioral pairing into Avaya IX Contact Center, we are now enabling users to differentiate their brand experience with innovative SMS, email and phone based marketing and communications strategies that truly engage their customers with the right information at the right time,” said Karen Hardy, vice president, product marketing, Avaya. “For customers, it is the promise of a more contextual end-to-end service experience that drives greater loyalty and satisfaction. For organizations, they can see increased revenue through improved conversion rates, improved agent satisfaction and reduced costs through improved business processes.”

“Native integration between Avaya and Afiniti simplifies the deployment of behavioral pairing technology, which matches the customer with the contact centre agent most likely to deliver the best customer experience and desired outcome,” said Dr. E. Brent Kelly, principal analyst, KelCor, Inc. “This deeper integration allows Avaya’s contact centre customers to deploy Afiniti AI technology without disrupting contact centre operations while enabling them to achieve measurable benefits whether it be for cost reduction, higher conversions, better retention, more first call resolutions, or other desirable contact centre metric improvements.”

Avaya IX Contact Center can now deliver AI-enhanced, proactive outreach and outbound applications for every stage of the customer engagement journey, including:

  • Welcome and Customer Onboarding Messages
  • Telemarketing and Fundraising
  • Enrollments and Renewals
  • Order and Shipment Status
  • Account Alerts and Fraud Management
  • SMS, Email, or Phone-based Surveys
  • Billing and Collections
  • Opt-in Promotions and Upgrades
  • And much more

Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing discovers and predicts patterns of interpersonal behavior to optimally pair customers with agents. With over 90 patents, Afiniti’s technology examines data and commercially available information tied to customer identity to determine patterns of successful behavioral interactions and applies these patterns in real time to drive improvements in health, enterprise profitability, and customer satisfaction. Afiniti is a charter member of A.I.Connect, an Avaya-led initiative that brings together an extensive ecosystem of innovators and developers taking an active part in building AI-driven solutions. A.I.Connect is leading the acceleration of integrating AI solutions in contact centre and unified communications solutions.

Avaya has also strengthened it’s Avaya IX™ Workspaces desktop solutions with enhanced capabilities to bolster agent performance for both inbound and outbound contact centre engagement. With the integration of enhanced workspace desktop solutions as part of the Avaya IX™ Contact Center platform, agents are empowered and fully contextually aware with a unified agent desktop to handle digital inbound voice and non-voice interactions and outbound interactions–preview, progressive and predictive–to monitor and manage the full customer journey all from a single, intuitive user interface.

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About Afiniti

Afiniti is reinventing how businesses communicate with their customers. It uses artificial intelligence to identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behavior, leading to more successful interactions and measurable increases in enterprise profitability. Afiniti operates throughout the world to measurably drive incremental value to its clients, which include companies in healthcare, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, utility, insurance and banking, among other industries with large, consumer-facing operations.

Afiniti has over 150 deployments in major enterprises and has optimized more than 600,000 agents and 700 million customers. Afiniti’s technology continually learns and improves, analyzing 1.3 million interactions every day to refine its pairings. For more information, please visit http://www.afiniti.com.