SingleComm Announces Intelligent Agent DesktopDynamic Experiences Replace Static WorkflowsAI-Driven Agent Desktop on the Horizon

SingleComm has created a superior path forward with our Intelligent Agent Desktop that enables guided interactions leading to improved agent and customer engagement.

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In fast-paced contact centre environments, human agents must often navigate through different windows, displays and programs, juggling CRM functions, fulfillment processing and telephony controls simultaneously.

With human agents in control of the speed and flow of each interaction, each step has the potential to create mistakes or slowdowns. The result is a sub-par user experience for both the customer and the agent, leading to diminished levels of customer service and lower conversation rates.


“We’ve created a superior path forward with our Intelligent Agent Desktop that enables guided interactions leading to improved agent and customer engagement,” said Michael Puccinelli, co-founder and CEO of SingleComm. “Our goal is an AI-Driven Agent Desktop in the near future. We envision this AI-Driven Agent Desktop as a game-changer that will revolutionize the way contact centres develop and manage highly dynamic workflows,” added Puccinelli.

The Intelligent Agent Desktop is dynamic and optimizes the efficiency of each agent’s time while minimizing the challenges of a disjointed workflow. Using CX Flow with drag-and-drop-functionality, users create flows, integrations, schedules, A/B Tests and more to ensure first-rate experiences and on-point messaging. Workflows are no longer static; they create dynamic experiences, changing in real-time in response to session variables, making each interaction unique, and relevant.

All interactions are captured and available post-call in SingleComm’s analytics platform. Experiential data, stored in the platform, may be leveraged to instruct subsequent decisions, flow changes, or new tests, putting past interactions to work informing the future. SingleComm is redefining what is not just possible, but expected. What used to take weeks now takes minutes.

“Customer experience is a fundamental driver of business success, regardless of industry sector or business size. Getting it right means using insights to design great experiences—for both customers and employees. With low-code and no-code tools, the employees who most intimately understand customers’ issues and challenges are empowered to design the best workflows, scripts, and analytics to help them serve their customers better. This ability to put the right tools and information in the right hands at the right time is crucial to insight-driven experience design (IXD) and great customer experience,” said L. Nicole France, Principal Analyst & VP, Constellation Research, Inc.