Eventus Launches Mega Release of IntelligenceHub™ CX Data Analytics and Insights Platform

Eventus Solutions Group, a leading Customer Experience (CX) strategy, consulting, managed solutions and contact centre technology company, this week announced the general availability of a substantially enriched version of the popular IntelligenceHub™ business intelligence platform.

This cloud-based contact centre analytics platform has been serving large enterprise clients as a core part of Eventus’s fully managed solutions by aggregating, normalizing and presenting data generated by many existing contact centre and CX platforms on a “single pane of glass,” and now includes more functionality, a more personalized and intuitive experience, enhanced security, and significantly faster performance.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the rapid adoption rate when we initially launched IntelligenceHub several years ago,” said Jeff Tropeano, Senior Director of Managed Services, Eventus. “Because we are vendor independent, and work with so many different technology vendors to provide managed solutions to clients that best suit their specific needs, we developed the first release of IntelligenceHub to provide consistent data definitions and normalize data throughout the many product changes a contact centre will inevitably undertake. We know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so IntelligenceHub evolved to provide complete transparency into actions and outcomes, which make it possible to understand and continually improve every interaction and every trend.”

The investment in and evolution of IntelligenceHub continued, including the creation of pre-built “connectors” into dozens of existing platforms, including NICE inContact, Salesforce.com, Oracle Service Cloud, IEX, Pegasystems, CSV files, Cisco, and more. The latest enhancements are detailed in the release notes and mark a significant “mega platform upgrade” which is fully backwards compatible with previous versions of IntelligenceHub, with no loss of previous functionality.

“IntelligenceHub 3.0 provides a window into how we well we are serving customers, and how our investments in process and technology to improve CX are paying off,” said Samir Khandhar, Vice President of Client Experience, Arbonne International. “Working with Eventus, we leverage a number of best-of-breed cloud contact centre technologies. The platform brings all the data together and harmonizes it, but even more importantly, makes it easy to understand and act upon. IntelligenceHub allows us to model ‘what-if’ scenarios and gives us key predictions of our KPI outcomes as we target initiatives that align to business our needs. We no longer wait for manual reports, but instead are given access to immediate and up-to-date online reporting including dashboards customized for our business and can view at any time information and insights that we’ve not had access to before.”

The IntelligenceHub 3.0 Mega Release is the foundational platform for future enhancements throughout 2020. Future Major Releases will focus on near-to-real-time reporting, additional Data Connectors, embedded analytics, further performance improvements, and the continued evolution of the new user interface, based on user feedback and requests.

“IntelligenceHub is a key strategic initiative for Eventus. As we continue to invest more in the product, IntelligenceHub Clients will see more value in their investment, with new features, reports, and Data Connectors giving them more actionable insights into their operation,” said Milos Djokovic, Managing Director and CEO of Eventus.

To learn more about IntelligenceHub 3.0, visit https://www.eventusg.com/intelligencehub-3/.