Avaya launches Google Cloud AI-powered contact centre capabilities in Australia

Avaya launched its Google Cloud AI-powered contact centre platform down under, helping Australian and New Zealand organisations deliver automated and assisted customer experiences (CX) by empowering agents with real-time intelligence.

Avaya IX Contact Center is an AI-enhanced, omnichannel solution including voice, email, chat and mobile communications to make customer engagement a competitive advantage by optimising the agent experience.

The integration of Google Cloud’s machine learning technology with the Avaya IX Contact Centre platform not only fast-tracks the adoption of AI, but with Virtual Agents, Agent Assist and Conversational Topic Modeling, enables consistent and intelligent experiences across all channels.

“Despite the appetite for advanced technologies, 59 per cent of Australian enterprises feel their organisation wants to adopt more AI but doesn’t know to do it, while 52 per cent believe their organisation can’t effectively use AI in any part of their business[1],” said Joshua Dooney, AI Solutions Lead, Avaya International.

“By building Google’s AI engine into our core contact centre platform, Australian organisations can quickly modernise their internal processes and benefit from automation and analytics throughout every customer interaction. CX starts and stops with the agent, and with intelligent tools, agents will be equipped with accurate, relevant information at all times, resulting in reduces waiting and resolution times.

“By infusing the contact centre with AI and ML-driven capabilities, we can help identify and address customers’ needs more quickly and more accurately, ultimately delivering a stronger, more customer-focused contact centre experience. We’re excited to partner with Avaya to deliver such experiences to customers in Australia and New Zealand,” said Tim Dawson, Technology Partner Lead for A/NZ, Google Cloud.

Australian organisations now have access to:

Virtual Agents – automated bots which offer ‘human-like’ interactions for customers, which introduce agents to the call at the optimal time, and then transfer all context gathered to the agent. The platform also captures the intent, actions and ultimate disposition of each interaction in real-time. Through this rich data, Avaya AI can be applied to decide the next best action in future customer engagement.

Agent Assist – continuously delivering contextually-relevant knowledge base to agents based on real-time conversational analysis for both voice and text-based interactions. Avaya AI algorithms can be applied to Google Contact Center AI to determine the next best action by the agent, delivering the right information and reducing customer friction – while increasing agent satisfaction and contact centre efficiency.

Conversational Topic Modeling – An unsupervised learning tool designed to uncover key topic areas that customers have been contacting the contact centre about, and abstracting relevant information relating to how topics are articulated. Google Topic Modeling combined with Avaya AI enables agents to leverage real-time visibility of topics with each conversation turn. Through this valuable insight, recommended responses and best actions can be uniquely tailored to each part of the conversation to drive desired outcomes.

Avaya is further strengthening these capabilities through integration of Google Cloud APIs with key elements of Avaya’s contact centre infrastructure. Additionally, Avaya’s browser-based desktop is designed to easily connect with applications and Google Contact Center AI is seamlessly incorporated in the agent user experience.

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