New Usage-based Pricing for Genesys Cloud Gives Organizations Ultimate Flexibility

Genesys®, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions, has rolled out new hourly pricing for Genesys Cloud. Now, organisations can pay only for time spent using the company’s all-in-one solution, which is also the world’s leading public cloud contact centre platform.

Customers can choose from Genesys Cloud’s multiple pricing options — the flexible usage-based pricing that starts at just $0.68 USD per user hour or the existing named and concurrent models. While competitors with similar pricing structures charge additional fees for use of IVRs, data storage and API requests, Genesys Cloud includes this functionality in its flat rate. This makes it one of the most inclusive hourly pricing offers in the industry.

“The new Genesys Cloud usage-based pricing is simple, transparent and enables organisations to pay only for what they use,” said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager of Genesys Cloud. “With this additional pricing option, we’re giving organisations the ultimate flexibility to choose how they’ll consume Genesys Cloud. We’re making Experience as a ServiceSM attainable for any organisation so they can lead with empathy in every customer interaction, resulting in more personalised connections.”

Visibility and control down to the millisecond

While many organisations are well-served by monthly user pricing, others benefit from the cost savings of time-based subscriptions, such as those with numerous part-time employees or seasonal spikes. Genesys hourly billing also lets customers achieve volume-based discounts through up-front commitments. In addition, customers now have by-the-millisecond visibility into consumption by user and by day, so they know the costs they have incurred.

Depending upon the organisation’s needs, customers can choose from three convenient usage-based Genesys Cloud packages:

  • $0.68/hour or $75/month – Genesys Cloud 1 includes the traditional features such as inbound and outbound voice
  • $0.99/hour or $110/month – Genesys Cloud 2 builds upon Genesys Cloud 1 to include additional channels, such as email and chat, and AI-powered customer engagement
  • $1.26/hour or $140/month – Genesys Cloud 3 adds to Genesys 2 with support for SMS, messaging apps and Workforce Engagement Management

“The usage-based pricing from Genesys gives organisations a new opportunity to reconcile the tension between managing costs and delivering remarkable customer experiences,” said Mary Wardley, program vice president, Customer Care and CRM of IDC. “This important addition to Genesys Cloud pricing is yet another way the company is being responsive to the needs of customers and providing new operating models that are enabled by the cloud.”

About Genesys

Every year, Genesys® delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organisations in over 100 countries. Through the power of the cloud and AI, our technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on any channel, while also improving employee experiences. Genesys pioneered Experience as a ServiceSM so organisations of any size can provide true personification at scale, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty. This is enabled by Genesys CloudTM, an all-in-one solution and the world’s leading public cloud contact centre platform, designed for rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility.