Sytel’s 48 Hour Cloud Contact Centre Challenge

Sytel have installed a production-ready 200 seat cloud contact centre within 48 hours, in response to a customer needing a fast operational shift.

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay recounts: “The call came in late Friday night: ‘Can you get a 200 seat contact centre up and working over the weekend?’ ‘Sure’ we said.

So during the weekend…

• We installed our Softdial Contact Center™ platform using the customer’s virtualisation infrastructure
• We helped them connect to their phone carrier
• We showed them how to configure inbound queues and how to route calls to the most appropriate agents
• They deployed a browser environment and headsets so that agents could work at home just as if they were in the contact centre
• Jointly, we wrote some scripts for the agents to use
• They integrated our system with their database, enabling scripts to take data in real time from customer records
• They made sure that the script wrote call results back to their database, to keep the back office people happy
• They set up our IVR to play messages to any inbound callers waiting in queue
• We figured out which reports they would need
• We showed them how to use our screen/voice recording product to review agent performance

Monday morning was Go Live time. Result… one very happy customer!”

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