Altitude Software enhances digital customer experience by providing Contact Centres with video interactions

Altitude Software in partnership with Interactive Powers, leader in software, voice and video solutions, announces the launching of a solution that enables the integration of video in Contact Centers. An asset that empowers organizations to safely elevate customer experience journeys, creating a new paradigm for Contact Centers interactions worldwide.

Video is the next big thing for Contact Centers interactions, both for organizations and costumers. By integrating video as a communication and interactive tool, organizations can reduce the timing of assistance, contact between agents and costumers, generate new leads, and improve costumer experience. Altitude joined Interactive Powers to enable this efficient tool of interaction for Contact Centers, which plays a significant role in the current situation of national and global isolation.

Interactive Powers’ software, which is already integrated into Altitude’s Altitude Xperience solution, provides real-time visibility and control of interactions. The solution offers several features, from basic voice and video transmission in real-time conversations, to file sharing, recording interactions, or access to more advanced and intelligent features, such as screen sharing.

Alfredo Redondo, CEO of Altitude Software, said: “Video allow us to create immediatism, proximity and trust. The inclusion of this visual component in interactions provides the costumer with a more personalized experience, becoming a competitive advantage for digital and omnichannel businesses. Optimizing the customer experience is essential for Contact Centers’ operations. Our collaboration with Interactive Powers was set to ensure the ultimate experience on all available channels and to create a true omnichannel journey, using Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and video calls to make the difference”.

Advanced improvements

The interactions made using video tools are flexible and secure. Thanks to WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technology, companies can easily integrate features into their Contact Centers easily, without latency periods. At the same time, the solution is customizable and does not require any investment in development resources or specific infrastructure. Companies can use the APIs and SDKs to quickly add the video communication component into their web browsers or mobile applications (iOS and Android).

The partnership between Altitude Software and Interactive Powers enables a wide range of improvements in customer service dimension, including:

• An agile improvement on support and problem-solving situations, thanks to the immediacy of the real-time conversation between client and agent.
• Greater reach in sales and commercial actions, given the enhancement on the connection that agents create with the clients, involving elements such as trust and credibility.
• Increased brand commitment, improved authenticity, and customer loyalty. It is a service that can be offered anytime, anywhere, without the need for physical presence.

Video: A game changer asset

Organizations from all fields of activities are implementing video tools in their interactions with their customers. Amongst a wide set of examples, hereby are mentioned some of which:

• General Contact Centers interactions: The agent can interact with the customer by video, share the screen and resolve issues in real time.

• Chatbots with video solutions: If, when interacting with the chatbot, the customer does not get the needed solution, the chatbot can establish a direct connection to an agent using a video call.

• Technical support: The video call allows the technical support agent to have a detailed perception and share more accurate directions remotely.

• Online banking: Interactive video calls can play a significant role in real time conversations with Contact Center agents, moreover in sectors such as banking – being websites, applications, or ATMs. The solution allows documents and files to be shared during real time conversations, improving mutual understanding.

• Insurance: In the insurance industry, video calling within mobile applications allows, for example, to report an accident and assess damage remotely. Photographs and videos can be shared, recorded, and archived for future access.

• Sales: The video facilitates innovation and proximity to support sales and ensure better service. Simultaneously, online shopping is becoming increasingly easier.