Vonage Launches Integration with ServiceNow

Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader, has announced the expansion of its Vonage Contact Center capabilities to include seamless integration with ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company.

Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow enables businesses with contact centres that rely on customized agent, employee, and customer workflows to deliver great customer experiences and enhanced productivity.

Now more than ever, enterprises are digitally transforming and more reliant on mission-critical customer service and productivity tools to keep their employees and customers connected and working efficiently. Vonage Contact Center integrates with ServiceNow’s enterprise-level Customer Service Management solution to deliver a powerful all-in-one unified platform. Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow provides agents with contextual and relevant data and workflows, allowing agents to better collaborate across their organizations and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow also meets the needs of many companies that are using a combination of CRM tools and digital workflow applications across their organizations, especially those employing hybrid, multi-vendor and legacy solutions.

“ServiceNow is a fast-growing SaaS solution in the service management space,” said Jay Patel, Chief Product Officer for Vonage. “With the ability to offer solutions that support ServiceNow and other leading business apps – all within our Vonage Contact Center solution – we are helping businesses to leverage their mission critical productivity tools along with the workflows they need to enable their agents to be more efficient, more productive and better serve customers in real time.”

Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow also provides an unprecedented agent experience. Agents can operate within ServiceNow and do not need to toggle to a separate application. With this deep integration, teams can take advantage of the core capabilities of Vonage Contact Center, including an embedded ContactPad, and leverage customer and communications data for dynamic routing and rich reporting capabilities.

“The need for enhanced customer workflows has been accelerated in the wake of COVID-19. By combining ServiceNow’s leadership in digital workflows with Vonage’s advanced cloud communications technology, we are equipping customers with advanced technology solutions to help them increase productivity and deliver great customer experiences,” said Farrell Hope, Senior Vice President of Customer Workflows at ServiceNow.

With more than 6,200 customers around the globe, partnering with ServiceNow expands Vonage’s total addressable market within the Customer Service Management space.

Prakash Shah, Senior Digital Operations Product Manager at Vodafone Business commented, “We wanted to improve customer visibility and the support experience delivered to our large corporate customers across Vodafone Business, and Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow helps us to achieve this. The deep integration with ServiceNow enables our global service desk team to operate within the platform and respond to calls equipped with all the right information about the customer and call history. Additionally, all the interaction data is automatically captured within ServiceNow, providing enhanced customer visibility. Vonage Contact Center helps us to deliver a great experience for our customers and service desk teams.”

“Many companies are moving to ServiceNow for digital workflows and cloud-based service management, just as businesses with premises-based contact centres have been moving to the cloud with Vonage Contact Center,” according to Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, LLC. “The partnership of Vonage and ServiceNow is allowing businesses to seamlessly blend service management, communications-enabled digital workflows and customer care across a single pane of glass for a truly unified agent and customer experience.”

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