Vonage Partners with QU-in to Power Virtual Queuing Capabilities

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has partnered with virtual queuing platform QU-in to enable a safe and healthy way for consumers to navigate social distancing guidelines and limit the risk of exposure in the COVID era.

As businesses, retail and educational institutions reopen, the QU-in platform leverages the Vonage SMS API to allow users to safely wait for their turn to checkout while shopping, register for classes and even visit the doctor without having to stand in a physical line or sit in a waiting room.

The Vonage SMS API supports secure text messaging for QU-in customers, seamlessly and safely reserving a place in queue, directly within the QU-in platform. Embedded verification capabilities and two-factor authentication from Vonage validate mobile devices with SMS and voice codes to ensure the user’s privacy.

“Our way of life has fundamentally changed, and this will likely be a constant as businesses and organizations continue to embrace new ways of delivering uninterrupted services in a distributed, but highly connected post-pandemic world,” said Omar Javaid, President, API Platform Group for Vonage. “Powered by Vonage, the QU-in platform provides technology that allows shoppers, students, patients, the businesses that serve them – and countless other use cases – to continue to move forward safely by enabling social distancing and removing the risks associated with exposure to gatherings and large crowds.”

“At Guam Community College, we are leveraging the latest technology available to provide our students, employees and guests with a safe campus environment without unnecessary delays or needless standing in lines waiting for services,” according to John Dela Rosa, GCC Assistant Director, Communications & Promotions. “QU-In is a smart and convenient way to stay socially distant and still have a great campus experience.”

“During these difficult times, we are committed to helping our customers safely return to their daily lives with confidence,” said Neil Parthasarathy, CEO for QU-in. “By leveraging the Vonage SMS API, we are providing our customers with an easy way to reserve their space to register at school, check in for an appointment at the doctor, order a latte at their favorite coffee shop and even wait in line to vote in the recent election – from anywhere using their mobile devices, to significantly reduce their risk of exposure while we continue to navigate the effects of the current global health crisis.”

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