Capita launches solution to help serve customers better through real-time voice analytics

Capita announced the launch of its assisted customer conversations, a solution that adds value to clients’ customer experiences, by augmenting Capita customer service advisors’ conversations with real-time analytics and AI-driven support.

The technology component of the service analyses both the content and the tone of calls to contact centres, equipping advisors to engage successfully with customers, according to their query, their tone of voice and their temperament.

It provides on-screen prompts to agents for instant, relevant guidance and solutions to callers’ queries. This enables them to focus on the customer and deliver the best possible outcome – whether that’s improved customer service, resolving complaints more quickly, identifying and supporting vulnerable customers, or quickly assisting with purchases that best suit customers’ needs.

The technology categorises calls automatically, takes notes and transcribes conversations. It takes the effort out of the post-call logging process by automating previously manual tasks to increase productivity.

It offers invaluable support to employees working remotely. Using Capita’s technology, homeworkers have kept contact centres running throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and now this tool offers them additional support. It also allows team leaders to follow calls live, enabling them to support advisors with expert guidance via chat, and identifies when they should join calls directly.

Alan Linter, Capita’s Innovation and Data Science Director, heralded the technology as transforming how we coach and support our advisors: “By providing real-time rather than historic analytics, coupled with AI-driven advisor assistance, it will enable our advisors not just to be more responsive, but to respond better.

“By facilitating more efficient and effective communication, it will significantly reduce average hold times and further enhance the services we provide to the private and public sector organisations who rely on us to deliver consistent service excellence for their customers.”

He added that assisted customer conversations would enable Capita to enhance clients’ competitiveness and service delivery.

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