Customer service response firm defies economic challenges with substantial investment

Despite the current economic challenges, Europa Contact Centre is starting the new year with big ambitions and has pressed ahead with a planned investment to overhaul its IT infrastructure, partnering with industry leading suppliers to implement an integrated omni-channel response handling platform and customer CRM processing platform.

The benefits of the Contact Centre’s new platforms are already being recognised by both Europa’s established and new clients, with the new technology working to reduce ‘pain points’ and offer customers wider channels of communication along with improved service quality.

The impact of Covid-19 on UK call centres

Covid-19 has seen been a huge hike in telephone calls, which has even put a strain on UK telecoms networks,1 with one supplier reporting an increase in calls from 300,000 a month to one million since lockdown began and a 37 per cent increase in demand during the pandemic when compared to the same time last year.2

Europa Contact Centre launches innovative new products

Europa Contact Centre has recognised the need to support businesses dealing with similar overflow issues and has developed a range of innovative products to support its customers.

Most recently, as a direct result of demand, the rapid customer service response firm extended its services and is now offering two new products: SME Advance and Incident Response.

SME Advance, created to ease the pressure on  SMEs impacted by Covid-19, promises to help businesses turn what could be lost enquiries - from missed calls to full voicemail boxes and reduced response rate times - into valuable and loyal customers. Whilst Incident Response supports organisations such as universities through its Parents and Supporters Service which allows families to connect safely, whilst managing data protection requirements.

Comment from Graham Henry, General Manager at Europa Contact Centre

“Providing customer support through multiple channels has been crucial to Europa Contact Centre’s success in supporting businesses during the ongoing challenges of Covid-19.

“Thanks to our new IT infrastructure we have been able to easily do this by using our customer experience analytics to identify the best channel, for the best purpose and the best time.

“Alongside this, we have focused on re-invigorating the business, developing new products and services which target new customer groups, from SMEs to Universities.”

More about Europa Contact Centre

Now offering its services across both a home and office working model, the fully compliant contact centre was launched in July 2019, following the acquisition of some of the trade and assets of Menzies Response. A division of leading logistics firm, Europa Worldwide Group, the Contact Centre has been named as a key growth driver for the business.

Europa Contact Centre has over 20 years of experience working one on one with businesses to help them reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maximise opportunities.