PanTerra Announces Microsoft Teams Integration to Increase Collaboration Flexibility

PanTerra Networks announced two Microsoft Teams integrations, providing flexibility for multi-platform collaboration. PanTerra’s MS Teams integration will provide a highly reliable telephony infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with the MS Teams front-end providing both basic calling capabilities as well as enhanced UCaaS functionality.

The MS Teams Connector Seat provides PanTerra’s basic Streams business telephony capabilities for MS Teams users including unlimited inbound and outbound calling. The MS Teams Connector Seat is intended for those businesses that use MS Teams as both a front-end for users and to manage all telephony features and functions but want a highly reliable telephony back-end infrastructure.

For those businesses that want enhanced UCaaS features, PanTerra offers an MS Teams Connector Add-On, which can be added to an existing PanTerra Streams seat (Business, Professional or Call Center). The MS Teams add-on allows a user the flexibility to interact within the MS Teams environment while gaining additional features such as call queues, hunt groups, auto attendants, find-me/follow-me call routing and detailed analytics and reporting. Administrators can configure and manage these enhanced UCaaS features through PanTerra’s Streams admin portal.

“We continue to see diverse MS Teams integration a requirement from our customer base and think this will be a big advantage for them. Both the MS Teams Connector Seat and Add-On offer the ultimate flexible choice for companies operating in today’s remote and mobile workforce and multi-platform environment allowing them to decide what is the best way to integrate and interoperate,” said Arthur Chang, President and CEO of PanTerra. “Our MS Teams integration offering ensures customers gain the best of both worlds; integrating MS Teams front-end with PanTerra Streams reliable UCaaS infrastructure.”

Microsoft representative was quoted, “PanTerra’s MS Teams Connector Seat and Add-On are a perfect complement to extend our collaborative reach, while providing a connected work environment. We like the flexibility with both products and how they complement MS Teams offerings.”

About PanTerra

PanTerra is a business-class Unified Cloud Service Provider, seamlessly delivering unified communications, team collaboration, call centre, file sync & share and business analytics through Streams, its secure, all-in-one business communications cloud solution. By offering a fully customizable, unified UCaaS and CPaaS, HIPAA/HITECH secure, multi-service cloud solution, PanTerra can significantly reduce costs, simplify IT administration, increase security and improve employee productivity. Streams can be configured and deployed within hours, virtually anywhere in the world and with 24/7/365 support, you can have peace of mind that PanTerra will be with you every step of the way. Let Streams and PanTerra bring out the best in your enterprise.