Terazo Acquires c20y

Terazo, a software development and managed services firm, announced that it has acquired Berlin-based c20y, the European leader in cloud contact centre integration services. The strategic acquisition will give Terazo an international presence with team members on the ground across Europe to support current and future clients.

“This is a big win for our customers, partners, and employees,” said c20y co-founder Maximilian Deuber. “The common threads between our service areas, our values, and the solutions-based approach we both take to helping our customers made this an ideal fit.”

The acquisition is also a direct investment in Terazo and c20y’s respective partnerships with Twilio, the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands, given both companies’ status as Twilio Gold Consulting Partners and c20y’s recognition as the leading contact centre transformation provider in Europe, with past clients including Flixbus and xarvio, a BASF company.

“Both Terazo and c20y have deep relationships within the Twilio ecosystem,” added c20y co-founder Daniel Maier. “We have a shared focus on outcome-based solutions and building long-term relationships with our clients, much like Twilio, and the combined company will only fuel our collective growth.”

“We have a lot of respect for how Max, Daniel, and the distributed team at c20y have built their business and relationships with their clients,” said Terazo CEO Mark Wensell. “The need for Twilio Flex integrations has increased as leading organizations strive to deliver a seamless experience for their customers. Bringing this knowledgeable team together with ours will help our customers reach and exceed their Flex-related digital transformation goals faster than ever before.”

“c20y is one of our most respected and trusted Twilio services partners in Europe, and Terazo has built a great Twilio services brand in North America,” said Thomas Spiegl, vice president Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at Twilio. “We expect this combination of two Gold-level Twilio Build program partners to be in a position to deliver more effectively to our global customers. Partners like c20y and Terazo have had a huge impact in the successful deployments of Twilio Flex and other Twilio services that are changing how companies engage with their customers.”

About Terazo

Terazo is a solutions-oriented, platform-centric software development and managed services firm serving clients internationally, offering integration and automation services that enable clients large and small to run more efficiently and realize new business value. The growing company, founded in 2016, supports mission-critical platforms, applications, and online services for customers in a wide variety of fields.

For more information, please visit https://terazo.com.

About c20y

c20y is a solutions-oriented software company focused on contact center transformation and integration. Primarily utilizing Twilio communications tools and methodologies, the growing company helps organizations in a wide range of industries meet and exceed growing customer and vendor service expectations. The company was founded in Berlin, Germany.

For more information, please visit https://c20y.com.