Simplifai and Upstream Works Software Partner on AI Automation Contact Center Solutions

Upstream Works announces a strategic partnership with Simplifai, a provider of AI technologies. Upstream Works helps companies worldwide transform their customer experiences, including industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, and more.

The partnership with Simplifai enables Upstream Works to support its mission to simplify and optimize the agent desktop experience and remove complexities from agents’ workdays with AI-powered guidance and intelligent CX resolutions. For Simplifai, the partnership is the first in North America and has great synergies with Upstream Works and Cisco’s focus on digital transformation and innovative solutions. Simplifai’s solutions bring email AI automation to Upstream Works’ solutions.

The AI company Simplifai provides flexible, user-friendly AI automation solutions to streamline work processes for any business, such as Emailbot, which can handle large volumes of incoming emails by interpreting content (free-text) and executing tasks in any system, reducing response time from days to minutes.

Upstream Works is ‘Helping AI Help Agents’ by providing best-in-class omnichannel contact centres solutions with the ability to integrate their desktop with best-of-breed AI applications, like Simplifai’s Emailbot, to fulfil multiple purposes – all without creating new silos. For clients, this can lower costs and offer the ability to view trends and patterns with reporting and key metrics. Upstream Works’ existing ‘Email Bot Handler Service’ (an intelligent email assistant) now seamlessly integrates with Simplifai’s Emailbot capabilities through an API to provide an automated and intelligent method of managing, reporting on, and responding to incoming email tasks in queue on the Upstream Works Desktop.

Rob McDougall, CEO, Upstream Works, says: “We’re excited about the potential of this partnership and how we can jointly impact the agent and customer experience by offering new and innovative AI solutions. This strategic partnership between Simplifai and Upstream Works allows our clients to simplify their email workflows, increase first contact resolutions (FCR), improve the overall customer experience and have deeper insights through comprehensive and consistent reporting.”

The partnership will allow Upstream Works’ clients to increase their customer service efficiency. Together, the two companies will deliver innovative and flexible solutions that support agents in the background by sending automated email replies, completing tasks, and, with the new email capabilities, any email in queue can be preprocessed by AI to offload low-value responses. For the agents, automating these email processes will free up their time and increase their productivity with customers while reducing response times.

Combining the technologies and contact centre expertise will enhance the contact centre’s performance and improve efficiencies across a range of industries worldwide.

Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai says: “Customers’ desire and need for quick and consistent email answers increases with time. Extending the ‘opening hours’ for when you can get help is an exciting extension of the services offered to Upstream Works’ customers. We look forward to this collaboration and to being the preferred supplier of intelligent email handling.”

About Upstream Works

Upstream Works provides best-in-class omnichannel contact centre software to increase customer engagement and employee success. The customer journey comes together across all channels with an intuitive desktop, seamless integrations and consistent management. For more than 15 years, Upstream Works has been developing flexible solutions for organizations wanting to improve the customer experience, operational efficiency and long-term business growth.