Upland Expands Leading SMS Marketing Software to the UK Market

Upland Software is expanding its SMS marketing footprint into the United Kingdom for the first time with its SMS marketing product, Waterfall. Powering millions of text messages weekly, Waterfall enables brands to automate and schedule two-way SMS conversations and use SMS as an effective channel for timely notifications and promotions.

Waterfall can also be used to execute customer engagement programs such as quizzes and surveys, and revenue growth programs such as QR code and barcode offers, mobile wallet passes, and more.

Over the last five years, Upland Software has become a major player in the UK marketing technology category with a robust portfolio of products aimed at driving engagement across every digital channel. With SMS making a resurgence amongst UK consumers, UK brands have an opportunity to add Waterfall’s SMS capabilities as a highly effective and personal marketing channel to drive revenues.

“The pandemic has created a shift in consumer attitudes on a variety of levels, with contactless ordering, SMS communications, QR codes, and mobile wallet passes becoming more mainstream. Consumers are finding a new love for the convenience of text messages,” said Ian Burk, Chief Business Officer at Upland. “With Waterfall, we are enabling our customers to layer on critical SMS capabilities and lean on Upland’s expertise as a top player in mobile messaging.”

To learn more about Waterfall, visit https://uplandsoftware.com/waterfall

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