Rocket Huel: complete nutrition specialist announces lift-off with Emarsys

Omnichannel customer engagement platform Emarsys announced a partnership with complete nutrition brand Huel as it looks to rapidly evolve its capacity and speed for personalised outreach.

The agreement equips Huel with a single source of truth for a 360-degree view of each customer, impacting everything from marketing material to customer service route.

Having undergone rapid growth that saw the company surpass £138m in revenue this year, Huel’s partnership with Emarsys comes as part of a wider shift towards being more efficient, spending less on customer acquisition, increasing their outreach channels and developing a more distinct understanding of each customer and how to target them.

Their previous solution was not able to scale at the rate at which Huel was growing – and was unable to integrate with a host of other technologies within the business. The Emarsys platform has been able to offer a more cohesive and consolidated tech stack, with productised connectors allowing Huel to draw data from MentionMe, Tableau, ZenDesk, and Snowflake.

Different teams within Huel will now rely on Emarsys for the centralisation and distillation of data without ‘double-handling’ any information, saving both time and effort for Huel employees. Emarsys is then able to leverage the customer data stored within the platform to better inform the omnichannel marketing strategies that Huel chooses to execute.

Such a comprehensive, centralised view of the customer also allows Huel to take advantage of ‘tactics’ – recommended strategies based on analytics from previously successful campaigns. All of this has facilitated more sophisticated personalisation and more precise customer segmentation, crafted for each based on their preferences — including the translation of content into 7 different languages and localising across 13 markets (and growing).

Understanding customers as unique individuals is a top priority for Huel, and Emarsys is a core component of the business plan to deliver that. The journey that each customer has been on should shape how Huel interacts with them, whether that’s sharing the right promotion at the right time, or equipping customer service teams with the context to provide immaculate service.

“Having to rapidly reinvent a company’s tech stack is often a price that the most successful organisations must pay for their rapid success,” commented Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys. “Emarsys’ versatility and specialised product connectors have helped us beat our competitors to one of the most successful nutrition brands of the past decade, which I’m convinced will go on to reach even greater heights in the coming decade.”

About Emarsys

Emarsys, an SAP company, is the omnichannel customer engagement platform that empowers marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized, cross-channel campaigns that drives business outcomes.