ContactCenter4ALL achieves Microsoft certification for its feature-rich CC4Teams contact centre solution

CONTACTCENTER4ALL, a global provider of contact centre solutions for Microsoft platforms, has announced its CC4Teams omnichannel software has achieved official Microsoft certification.

Launched in mid-2020, the cloud-based CC4Teams solution enables organisations to use Microsoft Teams as a full functionality contact centre platform, incorporating all the extra features necessary to create an omnichannel contact centre. Companies can now integrate social media, e-mail, webchat and call offerings with powerful analytics that can be used from any location, into their contact solution.

ContactCenter4ALL is an official Microsoft partner and has natively integrated its powerful CC4Teams solution into the Teams client using the Extended Model, providing customer service agents with access to a full set of contact centre features on a single screen. The omnichannel solution, with its intelligent call and webchat routing, supervisor capabilities and call recording, solves many pain points felt by organisations during the transition to remote or hybrid contact centre operations.

CC4Teams advanced reporting and supervisor functions, powered by Microsoft Power BI, means managers have access to all reporting dashboards and agent performance information. The dashboard allows managers and agents alike to track KPIs live and view real-time and historic analytics, productivity and call queues. With these insights management and supervisors can easily assess overall contact centre performance.

“The pandemic contributed to a major expansion in Microsoft Teams adoption as many businesses adapted to remote and hybrid working,” said Anne-Meine Gramsma, CCO at ContactCenter4ALL. “Organisations now realise there are various specific features required to transform the Teams platform into a full-service contact centre remotely and remain reachable. CC4Teams allows agents to access all functionalities of a modern contact centre through Teams from any location, often at a lower TCO than traditional solutions.”

“Our platform has been designed with over 20 years of expertise in the contact centre space, culminating in today’s recognition by Microsoft as a certified provider of third-party solutions to enhance the Microsoft Teams experience,” said Cees de Jong, CEO of ContactCenter4ALL. “We have used our knowledge of business processes in the contact centre environment to create an easy-to-use solution that covers a whole range of contact centre complexities. For example, we know that customers reaching the right agent first time either on a phone call or via webchat has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, so have embedded intelligent routing into our platform.”

“The large-scale shift towards remote and hybrid working has necessitated adoption of reliable communications platforms to support varied business operations and collaboration from any location,” said Pete Daderko, Director, Microsoft Teams Product Marketing. “The integration between Microsoft Teams and CC4Teams ensures customer service agents are no exception, providing them with a rich set of contact centre specific features within Teams.”


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With CONTACTCENTER4ALL, it is easy to connect and have a conversation… on any channel, anywhere, anytime. CC4ALL software is natively developed for and certified by Microsoft. It is easy to use and manage and will provide clear and easily retrieved insights. So connect with us; we will proudly show you our solution in a personalised demo.

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