NICE Digitally Transforms Performance and Customer Experience through AI-Driven Employee Engagement Solutions for a leading European BPO

NICE announced that Yource, the leading business process outsourcer (BPO) in the Netherlands, successfully employed NICE’s Workforce Management (WFM) solution to further support the transition to a hybrid work model. Yource has seen an increase in forecast accuracy, ensuring more effective service and improving customer satisfaction.

As a major omnichannel and multilingual contact centre services provider, Yource provides a unique combination of outsourcing, insourcing, near and offshoring, and staffing options from its locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Morocco, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Suriname. Since its first implementation 15 years ago, Yource entrusts NICE to meet its dynamic and growing needs. NICE, with its local Dutch partner BrightContact, upgraded the company’s WFM technology to provide Yource the capability to expand as it maintains excellent contact centre staffing levels and handle a large volume of interactions.

NICE WFM improves forecast accuracy with AI-driven insights into net staffing fluctuations and schedule optimization. The solution automatically balances employee preferences and the company’s business needs, making it a key element in a large-scale initiative at Yource to provide employees greater flexibility and control over their scheduling processes with the shift to hybrid work. Empowering employees and improving net staffing has also improved efficiency and performance, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

According to Jeroen Hoppezak, Yource’s WFM Director, “The right number of properly skilled employees, available at the right time, is key to satisfied and happy customers as we have quite a large workforce in different countries. It is important to be able to see administrative changes immediately.”

Truly flexible scheduling requires interconnected, real-time staffing analysis by giving employees autonomy over their schedules and encouraging coordination between team members. The further transition to a hybrid work environment will require a technological framework that applies robust rules to optimize human engagement. Leaders like Yource, who innovate in the flexible scheduling space, have been able to establish a valuable differentiator for employee empowerment.

Jeroen Hoppezak, Director WFM, Yource, “Other companies reached out to us with their solutions, but when it comes to workforce efficiency, NICE is best. With NICE WFM, we maintain maximum occupancy while keeping our employees happy as we are now flexible enough to consider their preferences. Having such an efficient scheduling process also helps us meet our service objectives and manage costs across our global contact centre operations.”

Darren Rushworth, President, NICE International, “We are extremely happy to help Yource stand out in their field. As they grow and develop, Yource is generating ever-greater benefits from our WFM solution by scheduling the right resources to handle every workload, as well as measuring adherence for constant improvement. The result is improved operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and customer experience.”

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