Verizon improves customer experience interactions with new VCC digital solutions

Verizon Business announced a new suite of digital engagement capabilities for the Verizon Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to enhance the end-to-end digital customer journey from virtually anywhere and at any time.

With a focus on creating smart, connected, self-service and human-assisted interactions throughout the entire customer journey, the latest VCC digital solutions were designed to facilitate exceptional customer experiences.

“In the past few years, the contact centre has undergone a digital transformation, which is prompting the end-to-end customer journey to evolve in kind. With more customers turning to digital channels outside of the contact centre to kickstart their issue resolution, companies need a holistic strategy for managing customer entry points. The Verizon Virtual Contact Center anticipates and addresses those digital-first interactions, allowing organizations to deliver improved, personalized customer experiences,” said Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business.

As the nerve centre where customer experience paths meet, the contact centre experience can no longer afford to be one that is considered reactionary and transactional. Customers today expect companies to address their full range of “needs” effortlessly across any channel, and with a seamless transition to human agents when necessary. Many organizations, however, don’t have the necessary insight into how all their digital entry points and customer experience interactions can be coordinated to get the most from search engines, mobile/desktop apps, websites, and social media.

To reduce friction along the customer journey, VCC provides new ways to digitally transform the customer experience (CX):

  • VCC Guide provides self-service, contextual guidance for web and mobile experiences
  • VCC Expert is a smart knowledge management and content optimization tool that optimizes content to shape the customer journey
  • VCC Enlighten XO builds smarter applications using auto-generated insights through artificial intelligence (AI) that’s based on actual CX conversation data
  • VCC SmartAssist powered by Amelia is a smart conversational AI that can resolve customer and employee issues in a more natural way

According to the NICE 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report, 81% of customers will first try to solve their problems on their own using web search or self-service. Sold separately or as a part of VCC’s complete solution, these latest digital capabilities are vendor agnostic and can be bolted on top of any existing contact centre solution to help address individual entry points and support the customer’s complete digital journey. By empowering customers with the most relevant content for self-service success and faster, more accurate agent-assisted answers, organizations will be better equipped to address their customers’ needs with fewer transfers and callbacks.

With these latest digital solutions added to the Verizon Virtual Contact Center, organizations can meet their customers wherever they are in their digital journey. For more information, visit the Verizon Virtual Contact Center.