Tech advice just a call away with the Digital Skills Helpline

Tech assistance and advice is now available through a new free helpline created by Vodafone and social impact organisation We Are Digital.

Specially trained advisors can help callers, especially those nervous and uncertain about the online world, to gain valuable skills, such as setting up a phone or tablet, connecting to the internet, using online banking and money-saving tools, as well as learning to communicate with friends and family using email and messaging services.

A recent report found that 27% of respondents feel they lack the skills to complete tasks online, despite a growing number of essential services – such as making a doctor’s appointment, banking and accessing benefits – being more easily accessible using the internet.

The Digital Skills Helpline – 0800 987 4110 – is free to call from any UK mobile or landline, and is open to everyone, whether they are a Vodafone customer or not.

The Digital Skills Helpline is part of Vodafone’s everyone.connected campaign to tackle digital exclusion. The campaign aims to help four million people cross the digital divide by 2025 through free connectivity, affordable products and services, and digital skills training for businesses and communities.

The everyone.connected initiative has already provided free connectivity to more than a million digitally excluded people in the UK.

People may also find the Digital Skills Helpline useful if they believe they might be affected by the retirement of Vodafone’s 3G network during 2023.

Most people now have 4G or 5G-enabled mobile devices, but a very small number of people do not and may need additional help. The Digital Skills Helpline advisors can help them understand what steps to take and what support is available.