Generative AI Leader Forethought Announces SupportGPT™ Powered by OpenAI Technology

Forethought, the leading generative AI for customer support automation, announced the launch of SupportGPT™, the world’s first generative AI platform for customer support. With the help of OpenAI’s technology, Forethought brings groundbreaking generative AI capabilities to the customer support experience.

Since Forethought’s inception, its products have used Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver best-in-class customer support experiences. By leveraging OpenAI’s technology, Forethought is enriching its use of generative AI to revolutionize those experiences with new capabilities including human-like conversations, automated workflow discovery, complete agent responses, gap detection, and content generation.

“The power of Forethought lies in our ability to deeply integrate with our customers’ data,” said Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder at Forethought. “Now that ChatGPT has shown the world what generative AI can do, the next question on customer support leaders’ minds is how to apply it to real-world business problems. SupportGPT leverages the power of OpenAI’s LLMs—the same technology behind ChatGPT—and fine-tunes them on customers’ existing conversation history. This enables the models to understand intents and workflows automatically.

Customer experience pioneers Upwork and Kickfin are among the first customers to engage with the new SupportGPT™ product. “Bringing more generative AI capabilities into our customer support processes will be a game changer for our customers’ experience,” said Brent Pliskow, VP of Customer Support at Upwork. “We look forward to our customer support chatbot being even more relatable, empathetic, and conversational to delight our customers.”

Larisa Thomas, VP of Operations at Kickfin, says: “Because Kickfin primarily serves the hospitality industry, our customers may need help outside of normal business hours. Forethought’s AI capabilities have enabled us to provide top-tier, on-demand support. Now, as we add more ChatGPT-like experiences with SupportGPT, we can take that service to the next level and ensure customer needs are met 24/7.”

“Our north star vision is for customers never to have to build a bot manually again,” said Deon. “Forethought is the leading Generative AI for Customer Support. In the near future, SupportGPT™ will be capable of auto-generating all workflows, with customers retaining the ability to modify and personalize as they see fit.”

In addition to SupportGPT™, Forethought today launched the SupportGPT Playground, where anyone can train their own SupportGPT™ bot on their help centre in minutes.

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About Forethought

Launched in 2018, Forethought is a leading generative AI company providing customer service automation that helps support teams maximize efficiency and productivity. Forethought’s products enable seamless customer experiences by infusing generative AI, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), at each stage of the customer support journey: resolving common cases instantly, predicting and prioritizing cases, and assisting agents with relevant knowledge—all from one platform.