Waterfield Tech Launches Impact Analysis Offering to Streamline CX Decision-Making in the Contact Centre

Waterfield Tech, a leading global customer engagement solutions provider, announced the launch of its Impact Analysis program, a new prescriptive engagement aimed at helping clients address inefficiencies across the contact centre and capitalize on digital transformation opportunities.

This consultative solution engages all levels of a contact centre to uncover process breakdowns and areas ripe for technological transformation.

Waterfield Tech’s Impact Analysis follows a rigorous and proven methodology to help companies improve their contact centre operations and capture new financial upsides. With this consultative offering, Waterfield Tech’s customer experience strategists dive into an organization’s contact centre operations, identify costly areas of inefficiencies, and provide recommendations to increase efficiencies through automation and other improvements to deliver financial gains — often with no additional out of pocket cost. This serves to align the organization’s contact centre operational processes, technology ecosystem, and people and provide a complete solution roadmap that yields substantial returns for the bottom line.

In one example, Waterfield Tech’s strategists were able to construct a financial model and business case for a national healthcare leader that demonstrated how automation could reduce operator handled calls by up to 48%, resulting in a net financial gain of $2.1M over five years.

From start to finish, Impact Analysis engagements are completed in an average of 30 days. Additionally, the costs of the Impact Analysis work are rebated to clients that choose to move forward with the study’s recommendations, helping to drive immediate ROI.

“The cost of human capital is not only a concern, but also neither reliable nor predictable in today’s market,” said Chanley Geveshausen, VP of Solution Consulting at Waterfield Tech. “Businesses must identify automation and cost-savings opportunities within their contact centres and that’s where Waterfield Tech can make a significant difference with our Impact Analysis.”

Waterfield Tech’s Impact Analysis helps organizations apply a quantitative financial value to their customer experience so they can make the right decisions for the business based on the best financial outcome.

To learn more about Waterfield Tech’s Impact Analysis offering, visit https://solutions.waterfieldtech.com/impact-analysis.

About Waterfield Tech

Waterfield Tech transforms customer engagement for organizations worldwide. Operating across six continents, our employees leverage a consultative, platform agnostic approach to design, build, and manage scalable, omnichannel customer experience solutions. Our breakthrough innovations in contact centre technology, automation (conversational AI) and workforce engagement reduce business costs, improve customer satisfaction, and help customers deploy a smarter utilization of the human workforce.

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