Announcing One TTEC Digital

Throughout its 40-year history, TTEC has continually invested in specialized technology expertise to ensure we have the breadth of capabilities our clients require to maximize complex technology ecosystems and create exceptional customer experiences.

On March 15, 2023, several TTEC businesses and practice areas will begin operating under a shared name of TTEC Digital.

TTEC Digital brings together the recently acquired businesses of Aria, Avtex, Serendebyte, and VoiceFoundry and key TTEC practice areas of CX Consulting and Analytics, building on the legacy of earlier acquisitions like eLoyalty, iKnowtion, and Peppers & Rogers Group to create a complete end-to-end CX services and consulting firm that adds insight, innovation, and value to every stage of our clients’ digital transformations.

This alignment is part of our broader organizational design to create a distinct brand that represents how we bring our digital consulting and technology services to market, supporting a single, unifying purpose: bringing humanity to the customer experience.

“Collectively, and as a part of TTEC Holdings, we’ve been in the business of customer experience for 40 years,” said Dave Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital. “By bringing the strategic digital acquisitions together in an integrated TTEC Digital business, we can more effectively build on our significant customer experience talent and create shareholder value for clients through impactful, innovative projects that deliver tangible outcomes.”

To achieve these results, TTEC Digital operations will be structured around our award-winning technology partnerships and core transformational services. Each partnership and service has been thoughtfully selected and designed to drive powerful digital-first experiences.

This transition to TTEC Digital is effective immediately and will be reflected in company communications, materials, and properties. Clients can expect the same high level of service and expertise they have come to rely on from Aria, Avtex, Serendebyte, VoiceFoundry and other legacy TTEC acquisitions — now under the TTEC Digital brand.