CallMiner Advances Industry-Leading Conversation Intelligence Platform with New AI Capabilities

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation intelligence to drive business performance improvement, announced new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven capabilities for improved redaction and automated summarization.

These features advance CallMiner’s AI-powered platform, and help organizations increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and improve agent satisfaction, while driving a positive customer experience (CX).

“AI is receiving significant attention recently. CallMiner’s latest updates build on the AI-based technology that already exists in our platform, strengthening our ability to drive value for organizations,” said Bruce McMahon, VP of Product Management, CallMiner. “Our new AI redaction and AI summarization features address common challenges our customers face, such as helping agents focus on more high-value tasks, and strategically leverage CallMiner’s native models and data science prowess to reduce time to value.”

Conversations across all channels are increasing between companies and their customers. These conversations contain important insights into customer behaviours, preferences and demands that are utilized within the contact centre to drive efficiency and improve overall CX, as well as guide broader business performance improvements. These interactions often contain sensitive Payment Card Industry (PCI) information, Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that needs to be protected.

CallMiner is using AI to empower organizations to deeply understand customer interactions and reduce manual after-call work for agents, while only redacting the entities that are necessary with highly accurate AI redaction. This provides security and peace of mind, while keeping more of the conversation for analysis.

With the new AI-based features, the CallMiner platform delivers:

  • AI redaction: Using Named Entity Recognition (NER) and machine learning (ML) trained on millions of conversations, CallMiner’s AI-based redaction is more precise than traditional pattern-matching, improving the confidence of redaction and avoiding over-redaction or mis-redaction. Fifty out-of-the-box redaction entities ensure that both voice and text-based records are protected as defined by PCI, PHI and PII security standards.
  • AI summarization: Building on event-based summarizations, CallMiner’s AI summarization capabilities use generative large language models (LLMs) to condense voice and text-based interactions into a short summarization and uncover unknown insights. CallMiner’s AI summarization also reduces after-call work for agents, improves agent satisfaction and increases summarization quality. Organizations can include AI-generated summaries alongside topic-based summaries for more complete interaction insights.

“CallMiner has a proven reputation for leveraging AI to drive business improvements within the contact centre and ROI across an organization,” said Paul Bernard, President and CEO, CallMiner. “The latest platform updates strengthen our position as the industry leader in conversation intelligence. I’m confident in our strategic application of AI to drive systemic and transformational change for our customers.”

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