Conversational Commerce Provider Payemoji Raises €2.1m in new Funding

Payemoji, an Irish software as a service provider has closed its latest funding round of €2.1m, taking its total fundraising to €3.7m to date. The funding was led by several private investors. The funding will be used to grow the sales and marketing teams and expand into new markets.

Many businesses and organizations are struggling to engage their customers online. Most people are using their mobile phones to access a business website, which provides a poor customer experience. The alternative is to develop a mobile app, but these are expensive to develop and maintain. There are also the additional challenges of getting customers to download yet another mobile app onto their phone and keep it on the phone.

Founded in 2021, Payemoji enables businesses and organizations through conversational commerce to engage with customers through messaging without the complexity and cost of a mobile app. A new study by Juniper Research has found that the global spend for conversational commerce using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, will grow 89% from $13.3 billion in 2022 to $25.1 billion in 2023 driven by businesses looking to improve their online customer experience.

“Over the past 2 years we have built out an innovative OMNI channel messaging platform that allows any business to provide a better customer experience all through messaging such as WhatsApp said Damien Stephens Co-founder Payemoji “this fund-raising round allows us to scale our business by expanding our sales and marketing.”

With Payemoji, businesses can sell products and services, accept payments or even book appointments all through their favourite messaging app. Additionally, businesses can provide better support to their customers through a message chatbot and a unified inbox that allows any staff member to support customer queries. For businesses thinking of developing a mobile app, Payemoji can automate any use case using messenger apps for a fraction of the cost and time. It is very simple to use, and no technical skills are required by the business. Payemoji will give every business a local mobile number(s), a QR code, a website and social media chatbot that can be used to engage their clients.

“Payemoji occupies a unique place in the market through our innovative conversational commerce solutions, said Mick Higgins CEO Payemoji. Customers do not like downloading mobile apps to engage with a business. Payemoji can automate any customer journey, and we can work with existing systems of the business. Payemoji turns the messaging app on everyone’s phone into a business app, and best of all the business does not need any technical skills to setup and run the service. ”

About Payemoji

Payemoji is a service of Message My Customer Ltd, a conversational commerce company based in Dublin, Ireland. Payemoji enable businesses to engage with customers, sell products & services, accept digital payments, book appointments, provide any customer and employee journey, all through everyday messaging apps like WhatsApp. With Payemoji, businesses and organisations can provide a better customer experience, without the complexity and cost of a mobile application.

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