Bloomfire Acquires Seva to Enhance Knowledge Management Platform with Generative AI Capabilities

Bloomfire, a pioneer in the knowledge management platform industry, has acquired Seva, Inc., a dynamic customer support SaaS company, in a strategic move to bolster its capabilities and expand its reach in the enterprise knowledge management and generative AI space.

This acquisition brings together two innovative forces in the knowledge management and customer support industries, combining Bloomfire’s long expertise in knowledge management software with Seva’s purpose-built conversational AI application. The combined companies will deliver unparalleled solutions that empower organizations to optimize knowledge sharing, enhance customer experiences, and drive business success. To learn more about our future plans or schedule a demonstration, please visit us here: Bloomfire + Seva.

“Bloomfire’s acquisition of Seva marks an exciting milestone in our journey to revolutionize how companies access their enterprise knowledge,” said Bloomfire CEO Ben Little. “We are thrilled to welcome the talented Seva team to the Bloomfire family and unite our shared vision of creating the best enterprise knowledge base and generative AI platform in the market.”

As part of the acquisition, Sanjay Jain, former founder & CEO of Seva, will join Bloomfire as Chief Technology Officer. Jain commented that “with knowledge management being one of the first categories to be disrupted by recent innovations in AI, we’re excited to join Bloomfire and bring our conversational AI products to Bloomfire’s enterprise customers.”

By leveraging Bloomfire’s cutting-edge technology and Seva’s AI and Federated Search functionality, the joint forces will empower businesses to provide seamless access to the right information at the right time, enhancing productivity, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional customer support.

Bloomfire plans to integrate Seva’s advanced AI capabilities into its existing platform, enabling our platform to serve as a “Digital Knowledge Worker” supporting the unique needs of companies to retain and share knowledge, deliver insights, and provide unrivaled customer support. Users can enable our Digital Knowledge worker to harness the growing power of generative AI, sentiment analysis, and intelligent chatbots to drive meaningful interactions and unlock valuable insights from their knowledge base.

The unified platform will equip organizations with a best-in-class knowledge management solution that combines the robustness of Bloomfire’s existing features with Seva’s intelligent AI capabilities, creating a comprehensive and transformative solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Both Bloomfire and Seva share a deep commitment to customer success, and this acquisition will further enhance the level of support and service provided to their respective customer bases. Existing customers can look forward to a seamless transition and continued access to best-in-class solutions.

For more information about Bloomfire and Seva’s enhanced capabilities, customers can reach out to their respective account reps. For general inquiries or to schedule a demonstration, please visit or contact

About Bloomfire:

Bloomfire is a leading knowledge management SaaS company that empowers organizations to capture, share, and leverage collective knowledge to drive better business outcomes. With its intuitive platform, powerful search capabilities, and advanced analytics, Bloomfire enables teams to collaborate, innovate, and make informed decisions in a fast-paced, knowledge-driven world. Primus Capital acted as transaction advisor for Bloomfire.


About Seva:

Seva’s AI powered agent-assist platform puts the information support teams need right at their fingertips, enabling them to solve customer support inquiries faster than ever. Integrated into leading CX platforms from Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, JIRA, and more, Seva eliminates the need for agents to endlessly search through documents by acting as a “digital teammate” that searches for and returns precise answers, in seconds.