UserTesting’s Latest Product Updates Help Organizations Better Collaborate

UserTesting, a leader in experience research and insights, announced product updates to the UserTestingⓇ Human Insight Platform, the UserZoom UX Research Platform, and the EnjoyHQ Platform that make capturing and sharing insights easier and more actionable–helping to boost an organization’s shared understanding of its customers for more informed decision-making.

Highlights in this product release include:

UserTesting Human Insight Platform

  • New integrations developed for UserTesting’s Human Insight Platform enable teams to bring direct customer feedback into their existing tools and solutions across the product development lifecycle in order to create experiences that are driven by a shared understanding of customer needs:
    Embed video-based customer feedback and watch them together with your team in FigJam, Miro, and InVision’s collaborative tools to spark ideas and drive customer-centric decision-making.
    Support product discovery by embedding UserTesting videos to support ideation and prioritization in Jira Product Discovery.
    View behavioural patterns on your website with Contentsquare while connecting them directly to insights from UserTesting for a deeper level of context and understanding.
  • Enhancements to the tree testing offering delivers more efficient ways to uncover common areas of confusion, refine site navigation, and improve the overall customer experience. Customers can now easily navigate and pair results with video-first feedback from contributors to gain a clear view of pain points and confusion.

UserZoom UX Research Platform

  • An improved video clip management experience makes it easy to merge clips and create highlight reels that can be saved, edited, tracked, and shared–enabling teams to capture contextualized, unfiltered insights, see nuanced expressions, and build empathy for their customers.
  • Availability of moderated auto-recruitment for French participants helps companies save time recruiting and scheduling participants from France for live interviews.

EnjoyHQ Platform

  • Access important insights and kick-start projects quickly and efficiently through the new, user-friendly homepage.
  • New workspace permissions help to protect sensitive documents and provide greater governance of content through the assignment of user permissions for different workspaces. The new workspace permissions will be available soon.
  • Real-time collaboration capabilities allow teams to collaborate live across all editable documents, and get alignment during the asset creation process. Changes are automatically saved in real-time and encourage cross-functional collaboration and early buy-in.

“UserTesting is focused on supporting organizations as they continue to build human insight into their daily workflows and business processes,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting. “Once we committed to merge our companies, the entire team here at UserTesting has been focused on product innovation, and bringing together the best of our offerings into a robust, end-to-end platform for experience research and insights.”

About UserTesting

UserTesting is fundamentally changing the way digital products and experiences are built and delivered by helping organizations get insights from customers–from concept to execution. Built on top of a world-class, on-demand sourcing engine, customers can receive fast, high quality, opt-in feedback from both our proprietary and partner-sourced audience networks around the world. UserTesting offers the industry’s most comprehensive experience research solution. Unlike approaches that track user behavior or collect customer listening data on live experiences, then try to infer what that data means, UserTesting enables companies to get input directly from customers–earlier in the process–helping to reduce guesswork, and bringing experience data to life with human insight. The company, formed through the combination of UserTesting & UserZoom, has more than 3,400 customers worldwide, including 75 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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