RingCentral Announces RingSense for Phone and Enhances RingSense for Sales

RingCentral announced the company is expanding its AI platform, RingSense™, across its portfolio. Leveraging generative AI, RingSense for Phone enables organizations to turn their voice conversation data into powerful insights that can enhance productivity and improve business outcomes.

“We are at a major inflection point where AI will permeate all aspects of business communications to make interactions smarter and drive unprecedented levels of productivity,” said Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RingCentral. “RingSense for Phone has been developed to allow our customers to gain valuable insights from their conversations on our industry-leading cloud communications platform.”

Key features of RingSense for Phone include:

  • Live Transcriptions and Closed Captions: Real-time, AI-generated transcripts and captions of calls that enable participants to better engage in conversation by freeing them from having to take notes. Transcripts can also be used post-call for follow-up documentation and analysis.
  • Call Summaries and Insights: AI-generated summaries, call highlights, and keyword detection with each recorded call for a quick digest of important moments in a conversation. This is an efficient way for all participants and reviewers to have a recap of what was said and capture action items. It can also support knowledge retrieval and compliance for regulated industries.
  • Conversation Sentiment Analysis: Detects tone and energy of conversations to help users identify opportunities and potential issues, allowing them to be proactively addressed. For example, pinpoints specific inflection points such as questions, clarifications, and feedback.

“It’s impressive how quickly RingCentral has embraced new capabilities in AI. RingSense has blossomed from a specialized use case just a few months ago to a broad, suite-wide set of capabilities,” said Dave Michels, Principal Analyst and Founder of TalkingPointz. “RingSense brings powerful conversational AI tools to individuals, like a private coach that offers valuable insights for more effective interactions.”

RingSense for Phone is available in beta today and will be generally available later this year.

RingSense for Phone follows the introduction of RingSense for Sales in March 2023. RingSense for Sales empowers sales teams with revenue intelligence by unlocking conversations from customer interactions across calls, emails, and video meetings – deeply integrated with their CRM.

RingCentral has been innovating at a fast pace and has added the following enhancements to RingSense for Sales:

  • 10 new integrations with third party applications including: Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Gmail, Outreach, Connect & Sell, Outlook Calendar, and Outlook Email. Enables users to attach their conversation data to CRMs and email.
  • Deal scoring enables sales managers to track pipeline health, including aggregate and individual deal level.
  • AI coaching helps sales agents improve interactions based on AI-analysed conversational metrics, such as energy, tone, interruptions, and more. It also gives managers full visibility of their team members’ performance.

According to Chad Mobley, Sales Manager at Total Security Solutions: “When I opened RingSense, I started my coaching process by filtering calls based on the lower scores first. RingSense is a valuable tool for sales managers like me to point us to where we need to focus our time, which reps or deals need my help and coaching more than others, and who is doing well so we can replicate their strategies. This is key to skill-building in my team, which in the end drives revenue. My initial impressions have been super positive, and I am eager to explore the software’s potential even further.”

About RingCentral

RingCentral is a leading global provider of cloud-based business communications and collaboration solutions that seamlessly combine phone, messaging, video meetings, and contact centre. RingCentral supports customers with AI-powered conversation intelligence that unlocks insights from their interaction data to accelerate business outcomes. With decades of expertise in reliable and secure cloud communications, RingCentral has earned the trust of millions of customers and thousands of partners worldwide.

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