New Study Shows GoTo Customers Reduce IT Support Time by 57%, Achieve Nearly 400% ROI with LogMeIn Rescue

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communications easy with flagship products GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and LogMeIn Rescue, announced findings from a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of GoTo.

The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examines the business and financial benefits of Rescue, the company’s remote support solution used by thousands of global enterprise customers for secure, seamless IT support. The study revealed significant savings, including a 57% reduction in time spent on IT support, 395% return on investment (ROI), and more than $2.6 million in benefits over a three-year period.

“It used to take us an average of 10 interactions [with a customer] per issue, each taking 20 to 40 minutes,” said one of the respondents in the study, a technical program manager in customer success at a technology company. “Now, that is down to seven interactions — down 30%.”

Forrester interviewed a sample of Rescue customers to conduct the TEI study, collecting responses on their individual experiences and aggregating the data to create a composite organization representative of these interviewed customers. In addition to a nearly 400% ROI and millions of dollars in savings, Forrester’s study also found that respondents reported:

  • An estimated 57% reduction in time spent on IT support for laptop and desktop issues, and 23% reduction for mobile issues.
  • 68% reported increases in employee productivity due to shorter IT support wait times.
  • A 45% cost reduction for in-person IT support and a 15% reduction of in-person support trips by using remote support tools.
  • Up to a 28% increase in customer satisfaction scores across all respondents.
  • Full payback on the cost of purchasing Rescue in less than 6 months based on cost savings.

“The findings from the new Forrester study further demonstrate the value that Rescue brings to thousands of enterprises around the world looking to increase security and productivity, while reducing spend at a time when IT is more important than ever,” said Paddy Srinivasan, CEO of GoTo. “Our goal at GoTo is making IT easy so customers can focus on what matters most to them – and these results show that Rescue is doing exactly that.”

The CIO of a healthcare organization interviewed for the study also commented on the streamlining of their IT support operations: “Before we started using Rescue, we had one helpdesk technician per 100 employees. Now, we have one per 150.”

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