Diabolocom announces the acquisition of Phedone

Diabolocom, the European leader in cloud-based customer interaction management solutions for contact centres, announced its acquisition of the start-up Phedone and introduced its artificial intelligence solutions.

Generative AI Models Enhance Customer Interactions

The scientific advances in artificial intelligence provided by Phedone and natively integrated into Diabolocom’s Cloud environment, enable companies to personalize their customer journeys while relying on innovative, agile and ethical models.

  • Our AI models enhance customer experience by offering transcription, categorization, call summarization, sentiment analysis, and autonomous conversational agents in multiple languages. This empowers call agents to manage interactions more effectively and aids in decision-making.
  • Proprietary technology to ensure performance and cost control: Phedone has made the demanding choice of developing proprietary AIs, thus controlling the entire production chain, to promote the digitization and democratization of the use of AIs in customer relations.
  • Sovereignty of development and data security: our proprietary technology meets sensitive data security and corporate compliance requirements, with storage on European soil.
  • Responsible and ethical models: the models created are optimized to meet the challenge of energy efficiency, while guaranteeing high performance and no “black box” effect.

Generative AI solutions make it possible to better anticipate customer needs, while optimizing call centre agents’ time, results and productivity. Automation, simplified decision-making and higher value-added tasks are the new daily routine for call centre agents. These solutions are available worldwide through the Diabolocom Cloud solution and via APIs on the diabolocom.ai website for all companies wishing to integrate the performance of Diabolocom generative AIs with their CRM and internal tools.

“The contact centre has now become the primary interface between companies and their customers. As a global player rooted in France, we are committed to ensuring companies have access to the finest technology. Our ambition is to become the leading European player in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the contact centre, as we already are in that of customer interaction management, with a sovereign approach to data and carbon neutrality by 2030”, Frédéric Durand, President and Founder of Diabolocom.

“The team at Phedone is excited to integrate our technology and expertise with Diabolocom on a grand scale. This collaboration promises significant advantages for customer relations professionals not just in Europe, but globally. Thanks to Diabolocom’s acquisition, the models we have developed can be deployed on a large scale, while offering huge measurable returns on investment for companies. Further investments are planned, and we look forward to seeing more customers benefit from our added value”, explains Jonathan Foureur, Co-Founder of Phedone and Head of AI at Diabolocom.

Key Points of the acquisition: 

  • Diabolocom, the European leader in cloud-based customer interaction management solutions for contact centers, combines its business know-how with Phedone’s unique technological expertise.
  • Founded by Jonathan Foureur (formerly of Diabolocom), Tom Héneault, and Kevin El-Haddad, Phedone is a start-up that specializes in developing and training artificial intelligence models designed specifically for managing interactions with customers and prospects.
  • With the acquisition of Phedone, Diabolocom aims to become a sovereign European alternative to pioneers OpenAI, Microsoft and Google in the market for generative AI specifically applied to customer relations.
  • Diabolocom thus guarantees companies performance, automation, customer satisfaction and cost control.

About Diabolocom:

Diabolocom is a French company with global reach, offering a cloud-based customer interaction management solution for contact centres, sales teams and customer services. Since its creation in 2005, Diabolocom has invested in its own telecom operator and private cloud infrastructure. Today, Diabolocom is uniquely positioned thanks to the complete technological mastery of its cloud services. Thanks to data, Diabolocom enables companies to personalize the customer journey in real time, automate business processes and assist agents in their work. Diabolocom helps over 350 companies, including Carrefour, La Poste, EssilorLuxottica and Leboncoin, to build customer loyalty and acquire new ones.

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