Private equity fund, Teleo Capital, merges SharpenCX and Plum Voice to create the Contact Center of Tomorrow

Teleo Capital announced that it will merge Sharpen Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based contact centre software, and Plum Voice, a recognized leader in AI-powered voice-based customer interaction technology.

This strategic move strengthens Sharpen’s progress in building the Contact Center of Tomorrow.

With this merger, Sharpen will gain access to Plum Voice’s innovative technology platform, expanding its capabilities in interactive voice response (IVR) and conversational AI, allowing businesses to communicate in a way that is efficient, responsive, controlled and compliant. Plum Voice’s robust suite of solutions, including voice automation, speech recognition, and omnichannel capabilities, will complement Sharpen’s existing product portfolio.

“The merger with Plum Voice represents an exciting milestone in Sharpen’s growth journey,” said Charlie Newark-French, CEO of Sharpen. “We are thrilled to welcome Plum Voice’s talented team and innovative technology into the Sharpen family. This partnership will enable us to offer even more powerful and seamless customer engagement solutions; and to continue delivering on our commitment to building the Contact Center of Tomorrow.”

Plum Voice, founded in 2000, has built a strong reputation for delivering voice technology solutions that enhance customer engagement and streamline business processes. Their technology has been adopted by organizations across various industries to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and drive digital transformation.

“It is exciting that Plum Voice is joining forces with Sharpen” said Matt Ervin, Founder and CEO of Plum Voice. “Combining our AI-powered automation technology with Sharpen’s customer engagement platform results in a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower businesses to create exceptional customer experiences.”

This merger reflects Sharpen’s ongoing investment to innovation and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Sharpen will continue to invest in product development and service excellence to ensure its clients receive the highest level of support and value.

The terms of the merger were not disclosed.

About Sharpen

Sharpen is a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions. The company’s platform helps organizations deliver superior customer experiences by optimizing agent and employee performance through context-based routing, reporting, and dynamic scripting. With a flexible architecture, Sharpen’s platform enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing customer needs and drive operational efficiency.

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About Plum

Plum Voice is a recognized leader in voice-based customer interaction technology. The company provides voice automation, speech recognition, and omnichannel solutions that enable organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve efficiency, and enhance business processes. Plum Voice’s technology has been adopted by a wide range of industries to transform customer interactions.

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