SAP Debuts New CX Generative AI Capabilities to Enhance Customer Experiences and Boost Business Operations

SAP, a global leader in enterprise cloud solutions, announced new generative AI capabilities across the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, including SAP’s natural-language generative AI copilot Joule.

These new capabilities will help businesses automate time-consuming tasks and quickly analyse data from across the enterprise to gain valuable, actionable insights that deliver more intelligent, personalized experiences for customers.

Unlike other generative AI technologies that only utilize the data found in one siloed system, these new AI capabilities leverage SAP’s wealth of experiential and operational data, as well as data from third-party sources, to provide businesses with a holistic view of their customers. Proactive, contextual, AI-powered insights from across the enterprise help organizations optimize business processes and adapt to unique business needs and rapid changes in the market.

“Putting customers at the centre of business transformation requires delivering a strong, personalized customer experience with intelligent CX,” said Ritu Bhargava, President and Chief Product Officer, SAP Industries and SAP CX, SAP. “These new AI capabilities within the SAP CX portfolio will allow businesses to unlock their full potential, improve customer loyalty, solidify themselves as industry leaders and reap the benefits of generative AI with intelligent CX solutions that have a tangible impact on businesses. These capabilities are the next step in redefining intelligence to deliver a delightful customer experience, effortlessly.”

The new capabilities, which include tailored use cases for commerce, sales, customer service and marketing teams, are the next step in delivering intelligent CX and enabling teams to work more effectively and efficiently. This will help ensure customers can deliver exceptional customer experiences that differentiate their businesses, create brand loyalty, deepen customer relationships and ultimately drive profitability. These new capabilities, which can be applied across the entire SAP CX portfolio, include the ability to:

Automate Labor-Intensive Tasks with Curated Role-Based AI Tools
New AI capabilities include more than 10 CX role–based tools that aim to increase productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks, leaving time for more nuanced aspects of business. For the service team, when a customer issue arises, AI can help summarize the situation and align the team on the problem, provide an overview of customer sentiment, suggest a solution and even track how quickly the issue is resolved. This step increases efficiency, boosting the business’ bottom line and giving workers more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Supercharge Catalog Management and Product Discovery with AI
Catalog health is one of the most arduous tasks for commerce managers. Items that are not tagged properly won’t show up in searches and incomplete product recommendations take away from conversions. Commerce managers can ensure high levels of product visibility and discoverability by using the new AI capabilities to review product tags and catalogs, generate and customize product descriptions and help guide customers to the right choice for their needs.

Retrieve Answers in Natural Language with Proactive AI
Using AI to identify and answer customer questions within conversations will free up sales and service teams to focus on more value-adding tasks. For example, a salesperson might receive an e-mail from a customer asking about products. This new capability, intelligent Q&A, reads the e-mail, points out the important questions and gives the salesperson a suggested written response that includes the latest product information.

Surface Customer Profile Intelligence in Context
About 76% of global consumers prefer personalized marketing communications, according to a recent survey by Emarsys, an SAP company, showing that it is imperative for businesses to have a 360-degree view of their customers. With AI-generated customer profiles supported by the real-time SAP Customer Data Platform, businesses can combine data from all business applications and surface these profiles to customer-facing teams. This holistic view allows workers to quickly understand customer preferences, enabling a more personalized and relevant service. If a customer reports a delayed delivery, front-line workers can use the AI-generated customer summary, which includes information on order histories, previous interactions and preferences, to quickly resolve issues and provide a better customer experience.

“Organizations are looking for a trusted platform technology and AI partner which they can adapt and grow with today as well as thrive with in the future,” said Alan Webber, Program Vice President, Digital Platform Ecosystems, IDC. “SAP’s approach to connecting data across the enterprise, both in SAP systems and beyond, provides a foundation customers can build on for the long term. Furthermore, SAP’s decades-long experience designing business processes from AI can be leveraged to reduce AI’s time to value.”

SAP is also infusing AI capabilities into existing products across the SAP CX portfolio with the ability to:

Fortify Customer Identity and Access Management with AI
The SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions are debuting new AI risk-based authentication capabilities. These new functions secure user identity data and help prevent threats by gaining intelligence across all digital properties and brands. Users will have a unified customer view and consent profile, making data connected and adaptable for real-time customer engagements. Providing this level of customer data privacy and security is essential to preserving our customers’ trust. SAP solutions hold our customers’ most sensitive data, so we take this extremely seriously and it remains our top priority.

Create Personalized Content Creation Powered by Generative AI
Using generative AI, the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform gives marketers the ability to create targeted, compelling email content that delivers the right message to the right audience. The SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions will also embed two new generative AI capabilities: AI-generated summary and e-mail response generation will help users identify relevant information, have more effective customer interactions and ultimately deliver superior customer service.

To learn more about these capabilities, read “Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The AI Advantage.”