Home or away: contact centre location choices

Join Samsung UK and Ember at a round-table discussion, hosted by Teleperformance on 21 November 2019, on offshoring and homeworking as contact centre location options.

Contact Centre CLUB

  • Venue: Hidden Heddon – 3-9 Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B 4BE
  • Timings: 12pm-3pm

The options for contact centre locations keep evolving. Improving technology has made homeworking viable and changed the game for nearshoring and offshoring.

Interactions can be shared between centres on a dynamic basis, as well as by time and contact type. But though businesses know these options are technically feasible, there remain concerns about their cultural and commercial viability. How do you choose the right offshore location. How do you manage agents working at home? How do you ensure you deliver the same standards of service, across multiple locations?

To find out how leading organisations are addressing these issues, join us for a round-table discussion at Gordon Ramsay’s Hedden Street Kitchen on 21 November 2019, where you will hear:

  • Samsung UK General Manager of Customer Support, Sharif-Paul Anton, reflect on the challenges and rewards of adding an offshore contact centre in the Philippines to support customers in UK and Ireland
  • Terry Rybolt, Managing Director, Work at Home, Teleperformance discuss how they have helped clients benefit from homeworkers – and how they have ensured that those home workers fit seamlessly into their customer service team
  • David Jermyn, Principal Consultant at Customer Engagement and CX specialists, Ember share insights from his experience, assisting companies with their contact centre outsourcing strategies, including offshoring and homeworking.

The event takes place over lunch in the Hidden Heddon Private Dining Room, with plenty of time to ask the panellists questions. Numbers are limited, so registration is essential.

The event takes place over lunch, with plenty of time to ask the panellists questions.

Numbers are limited, so registration is essential. Please complete this form to secure your place.