Sprinklr Launches Live Chat for Fast, Personalized Customer Support

Sprinklr announced Sprinklr Live Chat, a customer service capability that helps businesses provide immediate support to visitors on their website and mobile applications. Users can automatically assign incoming chats to available agents or enable chatbots with artificial intelligence that can answer standard queries.

Sprinklr Live Chat is included as a standard feature in Sprinklr Modern Care. As part of Sprinklr’s unified platform, Sprinklr Live Chat can leverage all existing Sprinklr capabilities including automation, governance and AI to give customers a consistent experience across all brand channels. Agents can see all customer queries that relate to a specific case and all of the steps that have been taken to resolve it across channels – including Sprinklr Live chat – in one dashboard.

The Challenge: Providing Fast & Friendly Customer Experiences

Today, it is a requirement for businesses to provide live chat for support – customers demand it. More than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time and online, rather than call a company for support.

Additionally, care is the new marketing. Great customer care leads to happier customers and stronger sales – 95% of consumers cite customer service as an important driver of brand loyalty. And, chat is a huge piece of improving the customer experience. According to Forrester Research, retail site visitors who use web chat are 2.8x more likely to convert than those that don’t.

The Solution: Sprinklr Live Chat

Sprinklr Live Chat helps companies meet the rising demand for meaningful interactions while driving sales and reducing support costs. Sprinklr Live Chat provides the following benefits:

  • Add to any website and mobile app: Can easily be added to any website with a lightweight script. Live chat can also be embedded into a customer’s mobile app through the Sprinklr Live Chat Software Developer Kit (SDK).
  • Customizable: The look and feel of Sprinklr Live Chat can be customized to align with a company’s branding.
  • Automatically assign chats: Incoming chats are automatically assigned to available agents using Sprinklr’s powerful Assignment Engine. Customers receive a rapid response, and agents can easily manage live chat alongside their other brand channels on social, messaging, email and owned communities.
  • Hide chat icon outside of business hours: Create and save business hours. You can configure auto replies on Sprinklr Live Chat if customers reach out to you outside of your defined business hours. You can also opt to not show the chat icon when customers reach out to you outside of business hours.
  • Send media/attachments: You and your customers will be able to exchange text, image, video, audio and documents.
  • AI-powered Smart Response Recommendations: Customer care agents no longer have to search for a reply script and manually respond to every single query. Sprinklr’s Smart Response Recommendations uses AI to analyze ongoing conversations with a customer, then offers the agent three suggested responses. These suggestions include text, relevant emojis, and brand approved assets. Agents can then use the response directly or edit it before sending it out.
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis: Sprinklr AI automatically classifies an incoming chat with positive, neutral or negative sentiment so that messages can be sorted accurately and responded to in an appropriate way. Sprinklr has the only AI model trained specifically for 40+ industries in 100+ languages – including finance, healthcare, and retail – to help brands easily understand what customers are saying. For example, for Microsoft, Sprinklr’s AI is trained to understand that a customer support chat with the word “windows” is referring to a product, rather than the windows on a house.

Strong Results from a Global Manufacturing Fortune 500 Brand

Sprinklr Live Chat has already been used by a global manufacturing Fortune 500 brand to increase the volume of customer care cases handled on its website and reduce case response SLA without adding more agents. The brand, which sells its products in more than 180 countries, deployed Sprinklr Live Chat on 50+ websites in 40 languages across 25 countries.

After implementing Sprinklr Live Chat, the brand doubled the number of daily customer queries it responded to from Sprinklr – from 1000 to 2000. Around 50 percent of that daily increase can be attributed to moving queries from email and phone to live chat and social. This drove substantial savings due to the cost-effectiveness of chat over traditional channels like phone support. Additionally, the average response time decreased from 90 minutes to 25 minutes.

“Facing rising consumer demands for personalized yet fast interactions, businesses need customer support capabilities on their website that exceed customer expectations,” said Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Sprinklr. “With Sprinklr Live Chat, brands can easily add real-time customer support capabilities to their website and immediately start reducing costs, driving sales opportunities, and increasing customer satisfaction.”

About Sprinklr

Sprinklr is the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels. We help large brands do marketing, advertising, research, care and engagement across modern channels. This includes: 23 social channels, 11 messaging channels and millions of forums, blogs, review sites and news sites. Sprinklr’s AI-based platform gives all internal teams and external agencies a central workspace deployed as a single global instance for each customer, on a single code base that requires no additional point solutions to manage a company’s complete customer experience management (CXM) needs. Sprinklr is headquartered in New York City, with 24 offices in 15 countries to serve our global brands.

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