The Woodland Trust enhances telephone payment security thanks to PCI Pal

PCI Pal®, the secure payments provider to contact centres, has implemented its cloud-based Agent Assist payment security solution with The Woodland Trust, to ensure all telephone-based transactions are securely handled and comply with PCI DSS.

The Woodland Trust operates a contact centre in Lincolnshire, UK, which handles around 3,000 payments every year. The Woodland Conservation charity selected PCI Pal to descope its contact centre and manage its telephone-based payments in a secure and compliant way.

Agent Assist removes the need for agents to handle any payment card information and instead allows the charity’s supporters to enter their own payment information via their telephone keypad, using dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) masking technology. They are able to stay in constant contact with the agent during the entire payment process, and scripts can allow the agent to prompt the supporter when needed, without compromising on security and compliance.

Call times have shortened by up to a minute each, thanks to the efficiency of the new system.

Jon Carr, Support Services Manager at The Woodland Trust, said, “PCI Pal’s Agent Assist is good for our organisation and it’s great for our supporters – calls are more efficient, there’s no onus on our staff to handle any card information and we are assured that our data handling practices are fully compliant and secure. Using Agent Assist sends a strong message to our supporters; it shows that we take data security extremely seriously.

“As a charity it’s important that we can be transparent about how money is used, how we capture donations and demonstrate the importance we place on data security and compliance.”

Tony Smith, Director – Strategic Accounts, PCI Pal, “First and foremost, PCI DSS compliance was fully achieved for The Woodland Trust. Personal data is safer and both customers and staff are less vulnerable, in terms of exposure and potential for fraud and this is demonstrated openly, allowing the company to nurture a more trusting relationship with its supporters.”