ZephyrTel Brings Its CloudForward Programme to Africa to Accelerate the Telco Cloud Revolution

ZephyrTel, a software company dedicated to serving global telecommunications operators, is pleased to announce the launch of its CloudForward programme in Africa.

Fully committed to an end to end Telco application suite made available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ZephyrTel’s vision is to solve the issues of carrier legacy infrastructures for both Network and IT, increasing the ability to compete with the OTT vendors and to enable telco carriers to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 50%. The CloudForward programme is designed to take businesses through their next phase in the Cloud revolution.

“Our strategy of acquiring dedicated Telco Software companies will continue to serve our Cloud portfolio plans while maintaining customer’s stability. We have IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions ready to be deployed using AWS and we’re acquiring a full Billing & Charging stack to complement our existing solutions,” says Mike Shinya, CEO of ZephyrTel.

ResponseTek for Telco, ZephyrTel’s industry-leading Customer Experience Management platform, was the first ZephyrTel solution to be migrated to AWS, followed by the launch of Mobilogy Now Software, a highly cost-efficient software-only solution. Work is already underway to migrate other ZephyrTel solutions to AWS, including OASIS Cloud Contact Centre, VoltDelta 360 Directory Assistance, as well as NewNet Messaging Lithium SMS.

ZephyrTel’s Innovation Centre is also showcasing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) AWS projects, which will further extend the ZephyrTel-AWS footprint with carriers.

ZephyrTel is dedicated to partnering with its 330 global Telco Operator customers on their journey to the Cloud, using its Software Factory capabilities to improve acquired products and to develop fully Cloud-native software, taking full advantage of AWS Cloud capabilities, thus improving performance, resilience, scalability and throughput.

About ZephyrTel

Launched in early 2018, ZephyrTel has rapidly scaled up to reach $70M revenues, and its customers include more than 330 of the global leading Telecom Operators. ZephyrTel is currently serving the telecommunications industry worldwide with cloud solutions for mobile, infrastructure, retail and customer experience, continuously extending its telco product range. More information: www.zephyrtel.com.