Outdoor Recreational Products Manufacturer Moves Contact Centre to the Cloud with Five9

Five9, the leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact centre announced that a recreational products manufacturer has chosen to replace its on-premise contact centre and move to the cloud with Five9.

The company produces an array of outdoor recreational products, in addition to outdoor apparel. Their inbound contact centre fields calls from customers and provides technical support. Previously, they were using an on-premise contact centre that required excessive upgrades and maintenance, which was challenging to stay up to date. They were also using separate chat and workforce optimization solutions and wanted to consolidate technologies with one provider.

“Many organizations today are still using on-premise contact centers that require manual updates and internal IT resources to support. Not only does this add cost, complexities, a broad set of resources, and the risk of downtime, but it sets organizations behind their competitors that are realizing the benefits of cloud contact centre solutions today,” said Dan Burkland, President, Five9. “This company discovered it was time to move to the cloud so they could modernize and differentiate how they deliver customer experience, and we’re excited to be integral to that journey.”

Five9 worked with the client to quickly and efficiently implement the Five9 GeniusTM Intelligent Cloud Contact Center that provides a fully scalable, flexible, and zero maintenance experience. The Five9 platform includes omnichannel support options such as email, chat, and social. The company was able to consolidate all of their solutions into one, seamless Five9 desktop solution so that agents can remain in one UX from Five9 to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

“Now is the time to move to the cloud if your company wants to take advantage of the power of today’s digital intelligence and machine learning that really changes the way customer service is delivered and experienced,” said Burkland. “Every customer experience counts and to be able to create a great customer experience through the contact centre is how companies, like this manufacturer, drive customer loyalty and retention.”

About Five9

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact centre software for the intelligent contact centre space, bringing the power of cloud innovation to customers and facilitating more than five billion call minutes annually. Five9 provides end-to-end solutions with omnichannel routing, analytics, WFO and AI to increase agent productivity and deliver tangible business results. The Five9 Genius platform is reliable, secure, compliant and scalable; designed to create exceptional personalized customer experiences.

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