Aculab looks to kickstart youth employment in Telecoms with latest recruitment drive

Aculab, a prominent worldwide provider of API-driven advanced speech and signal processing technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest recruitment drive. This collection of upcoming vacancies, made possible with support from the Kickstart scheme, includes roles in digital/data analysis, technology and business.

As the negative impact of COVID-19 on employment becomes more prevalent, young adults are finding themselves looking for work in one of the toughest job markets in recent memory.

A recent report from the UK House of Commons Library [1] announced a 2.9% increase this past year in unemployment for young adults aged 18-24. This figure has seen 231,000 fewer young adults in employment in early 2021, compared to the first 3 months of 2020.

Aculab have put forward a group of roles, intended to equip candidates with a collection of skills central to pursuing a successful career in business, tech and telecommunications. Working with the company’s team of highly experienced engineers, successful applicants can take advantage of opportunities to:

  • Learn a programming language
  • Contribute to the development of new AI-based technology, working closely with the Aculab team.
  • Classify audio/video data for the creation of a database
  • Complete market and competitor research on key companies within parallel industries

And more.

As a prominent example of a woman finding success in the Tech industry, Aculab’s Director of Speech Technology and Research Dr Ladan Baghai-Ravary, hopes that Aculab’s latest set of vacancies will “balance the scales” for young female professionals.

According to an insight report from PWC, women currently make up less than 30% of technology, media and telecommunications positions [2]. Dr Baghai-Ravary believes that a significant number of steps need to be taken to ensure that our society unlocks the female potential for innovation and advancement in the technology industry. “Many young women today are pushed away from an interest in traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. By offering these roles through the Kickstart scheme, Aculab seeks to reduce youth and gender barriers in tech, business and telecoms, for those with the passion to succeed”.

With this new group of tech and telecommunications based opportunities, Aculab seeks to improve both youth and female employment in the tech, business and telecoms industry. Whilst the initial vacancies being offered via Kickstart are listed for a 6 month placement, the company aims to keep a number of the best candidates full-time.

For more details surrounding the current list of Kickstart roles available at Aculab, designed to equip candidates with the skills to pursue a career in tech, business and telecoms, visit the Aculab careers webpage here.

About Aculab

Aculab is a global provider of API-driven advanced speech and signal processing technologies, offering deployment proven options for many automated and communications related interaction applications. Its wide range of APIs serve the evolving needs of systems integrators, whether for on-premise, data centre hosted, or cloud-based solution delivery.

Aculab offers development APIs for voice, advanced speech, fax, data, and SMS, on hardware, software and cloud-based platforms, giving users the choice between capital investment and cost-effective, ‘pay as you go’ alternatives.

Many years of experience in helping to drive its customers’ success has led to over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, including developers, system integrators and service providers, adopting Aculab’s technology for a wide variety of business-critical services and solutions.

Aculab’s headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Milton Keynes, UK. Aculab also has a technical and sales office in the USA.



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